Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Good Bye Baby Burrito

Joseph slept best tightly swaddled (a.k.a "baby burrito" according to the hospital nurse). Last week, Joseph graduated from this newborn wrap--and now you can see he is a fan of the infant sprawl. He takes up mom's side of the bed plus some!

Saturday Morning With Dad

I love this picture. Well, maybe the picture didn't turn out so well, but I love the moment this picture attempted to capture.

Bath Time

Joseph lounging in the tub!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Grocery Store Explosion

July 8, 2006

We walked to the grocery store Saturday night to pick up a few things which we planned on carrying home in the stroller as Marc carried Joseph in the Baby Bjorn. With a cart of groceries, all of a sudden, Joseph had an "explosion." Marc felt some leakage and grabbed some newspaper advertisements in the grocery store and put them under Joseph and headed out of the store while I finished the shopping. There are so many things about family life that we never could have anticipated. Always an adventure! Here is a picture of Marc trying to contain with newspaper ads.

Salt Lake Cousins

Cousin Julie was moving apartments in Salt Lake so Marc, John, Joseph and I headed up. Joseph enjoyed seeing Aunt Faye, Cousin Scott and Cousin Julie. He showed them his big smiles.

Pirates of Provo

Marc, as Commodore of the Sailing Club, helped bring the Sailboat Float to BYU for an outdoor movie showing of Pirates of the Caribbean. We dressed up as pirates and were there for the pre-show festivities. We left before the movie (past our bedtime). Joseph is quite the celebrity. We had lots of requests for photos of him!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Freedom Fest 2006

We explored the booths, watched a Latin dance show and even ate a bratwurst at the festival at City Center in Provo. These pictures are at the entertainment tent. My entertainment is watching my two handsome guys together. July 1, 2006

Real Men Carry Babies

Marc carries Joseph in the Baby Bjorn on our way home from the Stadium of Fire. Joseph likes to stand while Marc carries him. This picture also shows Joseph "talking"--he opens his mouth wide and lets out varying pitched noises. We have loved discovering his voice when it is not used for crying!

Stadium of Fire

Saturday, July 1, 2006
Each year, Provo's Freedom Festival has a "Stadium of Fire" event at the BYU Football Stadium. We had never been before so this year we decided to give it a try. We really enjoyed it! We walked up to the stadium and bought tickets from some guys on the street (are they still called scalpers if they sell them for undervalue?). Leann Womack, the country singer, was the headlining artist. Also Taylor Hicks (American Idol) performed, and Raven hosted a game show of sorts. Marc and I were pretty clueless about many of these (famous) people; it was a good learning experience for our pop culture literacy! The Golden Knights (Army parachuters) were amazing! Also, everyone got American flags so 20,000 American flags were waving.

I worried about Joseph's ears because of the noise (not just the fireworks, even the music seemed incredibly loud). Marc teased me because I spent much of night trying to keep Joseph's ears covered. During the fireworks, a lady near us gave us some earplugs. We couldn't get them to stay in Joseph's ears very well. However, he fell asleep at one point during the fireworks so we decided he must have been okay. While he was awake, he was quite enthralled with the fireworks display. It was fun to watch his eyes follow the colors in the sky.

Driving Lessons

Another day at Utah Lake with Dad (June 30, 2006)

Baby Buddies

Joseph and his friend, Max.