Monday, November 27, 2006

Beach Fun

We had a great time exploring and relaxing!

From Coast to Coast

Last year on the day after Thanksgiving we were at the Pacific Ocean; this year the Atlantic.

Thanksgiving in Williamsburg

Since Daddy is allergic to turkey, our family tradition doesn't include a big turkey dinner. In fact, it seems we have a tradition of a road trip. This year to Colonial Williamsburg. And then on to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Joseph didn't mind missing the turkey, and Mom got to eat Grandma and Grandpa's leftovers when the road trip was over.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Exploring DC

We took the metro downtown, picked a random metro stop and decided to explore. We saw Howard University, Catholic University, met some monks-in-training, and much, much more!

University of Virginia

We took a road trip to Charlottesville, VA to visit the campus and check out a graduate program for Marc. We fell in love with the campus--maybe because we were there early on a Saturday morning in the fall. Beautiful leaves, no students! We had a great day--especially since we learned we had the wrong day for the grad school open house! We got to explore the town, then take the Blue Ridge Scenic Parkway to visit Buena Vista. We had a wonderful time--and an excuse to go back the next week for the real open house.

Friendly Joseph

Joseph continues to make friends everywhere we go. He is such a happy, friendly baby. Here is a picture of him on the metro--he is insistent that people notice him. He will contort himself trying to catch someone's eye--until they smile at him and he is content to have satisfied his goal.

Joseph's First Halloween

Joseph wore a little "My First Boo" sleeper for Halloween (Marc didn't dress Joseph up in an elaborate costume as I had expected). Joseph was interested in chewing on the plastic pumpkin. Other than that, Joseph wasn't quite into the holiday yet. In fact, he was still adjusting to the end of Daylight Savings. Marc had to work pretty hard to keep Joseph awake long enough to see the Halloween display he created for the Trick or Treaters! No trick-or-treating for Joseph --maybe next year. Actually, I think Marc is hoping that next year he and Hannah can throw a Halloween party together. She won him over with her Fear Factor party last yearr.

At the park

Halloween morning at the park. Some of the other children we saw were dressed up. Joseph was content to swing.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Bonnie and I were roommates in Provo and Salt Lake City. Now both of our husbands work in Fairfax County and we're moms to boys the same age. Maybe Joseph and Benjamin will be roommies someday, too. Until then, we will have lots of other adventures like visiting Frying Pan Park.
October 21, 2006