Monday, July 30, 2007

Grandpa's Band

Grandpa is in a band called the Northern Lights Dance Orchestra. If you came to our Arlington wedding reception, you will remember how great they were! Well, the band practices here at the house. Amazingly, Joseph sleeps better when the band is practicing. It seems he sleeps right through the saxaphones, drums, bass, trumpets, trombones, piano . . . . and wakes up when it is over!!

Playing in the Rain

Our perfect day continued when we came home and Marc took Joseph out to play in the rain.

Later that night, Joseph stayed home with Grandma while Marc and I went dancing. Joseph has reached the stage where he cries when we leave. But Grandma worked her magic and we came home to a peacefully sleeping Joseph.

The Perfect Day

July 27, 2007
On Friday, we had the perfect day! It started by going to sleep at about 9 pm on Thursday night so we were rested Friday morning despite Joseph's traditional multiple wakings during the night. Friday morning we took a bike ride along the Potomac River, crossed the Memorial Bridge into DC and went through the city to Grandma's work in Chinatown. We visited Grandma so she could introduce Joseph and Marc to her co-workers. I had to stay in the lobby because I didn't have a photo i.d. with me--and so they rejected me at the security check point!We rode home through the National Mall and joined all the summer DC tourists.
As you know, Joseph is not a great sleeper. We thought it was a miracle he fell asleep during the bike ride!

Next we went swimming. Joseph has no fear in the water! He walks in the baby pool and sometimes loses his balances and goes under--and we have to pull him out. He doesn't cry, but wipes the water from his eyes and keeps going. I am more upset by his going under than he is!

Playing Piano

Joseph and Grandma playing the piano and singing together
Joseph gets pretty intent on playing with Grandma

Monday, July 09, 2007

Joseph Loves Aunt Rachel!

Joseph convinced Aunt Rachel to let him have noodles off her plate--you get to see his mouthful and his handful.

Yesterday, Aunt Rachel offered to take Joseph for the afternoon while Marc and I went to church. Joseph had a great time (as always with Aunt Rachel) and we loved actually going to church instead of wandering the halls following Joseph. He will be old enough for nursery in two months. One friend said it was too bad they don't have a weight limit you have to achieve to go to nursery instead of an age limit. That way Joseph would be able to go--he probably would have been able to go when he was six months old!

Mini Van Fam

We have joined the ranks of mini-van driving families. I never thought it would come to this, but here we are--and so excited to be here! This isn't the best picture so I'll tell you about it--Honda Odyssey, dark hunter green with tan interior. Air conditioning, two sliding doors . . . the things that make a mother's life so much nicer!

Joseph is also a fan! He taps his little feet along to the music as we go cruisin'. By the way, can you see how BIG he is? Where did my baby go? He is a kid!

Harper's Ferry

Saturday, July 7, 2007
We took a trip out to Harper's Ferry, West Virginia. It is a beautiful spot where the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers converge. There is a lot of history, great old architecture, and beautiful scenery. It is also where Marc embarked on his Appalachian Trail adventure (he hiked over 1000 miles one summer) and also where Marc kissed me for the first time. All of this significance was lost on Joseph, but he really liked the water!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Smithsonian Folk Life Festival

When Joseph's Aunt Elizabeth went to Egypt, she bought him this outfit. We sported it at the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival. Thanks Auntie Wonderful!

Joseph is a first-rate pointer. I absolutely love that we are communicating now!! He points to show me something (airplane, dog, baby, BALL). If I offer him food, he will point at his choice.

I like this picture because it is such a classis Joseph moment--intently watching something. In just a few seconds, he will abruptly break a huge smile or fling his whole body into a point or starting turning in circles. Joseph loved watching the singing and dancing at the Festival. He was dancing right along. If Joseph hears music, he dances!

There was a lot to see and do at the Festival, but to Joseph nothing quite compared with escaping from the stroller to play in the gravel path.

June 29, 2007

We love public transportation!

Marc has converted me! We love public transportation. We can take the Arlington shuttle bus to the metro station and then the metro downtown. No worry about traffic, not a thought to parking. Wonderful! And, Joseph thinks bus and train rides are better than Disneyland. He flirts with everyone around him and squeals (he has started squealing a lot lately).