Sunday, August 26, 2007

Our New Home

This is the wonderful house we are renting. It is close to everything--campus, church, the library, the bike trail. . . .

The view from the back

And the yard. . .

And we must not forget the blackberry bushes

Joseph likes to help Daddy water the blackberry bushes

Blacksburg really is a new world to us. We left the hustle and bustle of the DC area for slow, small-town Southwestern Virginia. There is one Main Street through town (and yet I've still managed to get lost, but it was a beautiful lost through farmland and a setting sun so I can't complain). Marc bikes to school and to his assistantship (which they have offered to increase because he is so wonderful). Joseph and I walk to the library and to the Farmer's Market. We even walked up to campus to meet Marc at the Graduate School Ice Cream Social on Friday(much better than the happy hours my grad school used to host). We're having a good time, getting settled in and learning to understand the southern accent!

August 2007

Blacksburg or Bust!

We packed up and headed down to Blacksburg, VA for Marc to start his graduate program at Virginia Tech. I drove our new mini van packed with stuff --and Joseph. Marc drove his parents' mini van loaded--with our bed on top. You can see why I was relieved we made it here safely!
August 14, 2007

Our Last DC Bikeride

We took one last bike ride through DC. We started by the Lincoln Memorial. . . . Went through Georgetown. . .
And through Rock Creek Park to get to the Embassies. Joseph and I are taking a snack break at a place called the Spanish Steps. I was having a great time (even though in the picture I look really hot and exhausted)
Joseph and Marc in front of the Dominican Republic Embassy. This is one of the less grandiose embassy buildings we passed.
We rode by the White House, and stopped for a rest here. Joseph enjoyed playing in the gardens.

August 10, 2007


On our trip to Gettysburg, we actually took no pictures of Gettysburg. In fact, it was pouring down rain for most of our time there. We did get a tour of the cemetery where President Lincoln gave his famous speech before the rain hit. We did a driving tour of the battlefields. Unfortunately, in addition to the rain, we had forgotten to bring the tapes from home that are a guide to the fields. Anyhow, we had a good time and now we have a great excuse to go back.

On the drive home, we stopped off for a mini-hike on the Appalachian Trail where Marc hiked many moons ago.

We walked up to the originial Washington monument that is now along the trail. We met a few "hikers" and Marc got a little nostalgic.
August 9, 2007

Happy Three Years!

For our third wedding anniversary, we went to the Teddy Roosevelt Island.
It had a great view of Georgetown Joseph loves his daddy!
Joseph discovers a turtle. We didn't let Joseph out of his stroller because it is so difficult to get him back into the stroller!!

Later we drove around DC more then home for nap time. That night Uncle John stayed with sleeping Joseph and Marc and I walked around the Potomac waterfront.
August 6, 2007

Feeding the Ducks

Cousin Missy and Tom hosted a really fun barbeque at their home in DC. Joseph loved feeding the ducks with Aunt Rachel.

Uncle John and Gwen were in town, too, so Joseph had even more friends.
Aunt Rachel gave him the new outfit. Doesn't he look like a big kid? So cute!
August 5, 2007

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Joseph's New House

Joseph didn't have to wait to get to Blacksburg for his new house. Marc found this house about to be thrown away while he was walking the dog. I gave it a good scrubbing, and Joseph is in heaven. As you can see, he especially likes visitors to his house.


Daddy and Joseph both get haircuts on the deck. Joseph wasn't too happy about it. We still have to convince him it doesn't hurt.

Joseph helps

Notice Joseph's look of concentration as he "helps" us clean

Farewell Washington D.C.

We are saying our goodbyes to Washington, D.C. We can't believe we've been here a year! We've seen so many places and experienced so much. Joseph won't remember all of his adventures, but we're glad Grandma and Grandpa live close to such an exciting city. We have lots to do on visits when Joseph will be old enough to remember.

Just last week Donna watched Joseph almost every night while Marc and I went downtown and went through all the monuments one last time. The Lincoln Monument

The Washington Monument with the Capitol Building in the background

Sarah and Marc in front of the fountains at the World War II Memorial

Our last days in DC

We have really been enjoying taking our bikes downtown and playing tourists. Here are a couple shots of Joseph at the Jefferson Monument.

Joseph and I stop for some grapes on the National Mall.
And Joseph checks out the Carousel.
July 31, 2007

Playing with Cousins

In our July visit to Missouri, Joseph LOVED playing with his cousins. Here is a picture of them playing in the water in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard.

Joseph loved Missouri. By the time we left, he really thought he owned the place.

July 2007

St. Louis Zoo

We had a really fun trip to the St. Louis Zoo as part of our wonderful Missouri trip.

Sorry anti-evolution people, this thing really does look like a man!

Joseph and Sarah with Uncle Jacob, Aunt Nanitzi and Grandma

Sea lion feeding time is my favorite

The Newlyweds