Sunday, September 23, 2007

Camping Trip

Friday night we went camping in the Jefferson National Forest . . . Joseph slept surprisingly well, the foil dinners were the best I've ever had, and it wasn't even cold!

Saturday morning we took a little hike along the Appalachian Trail (notice the map and GPS in Marc's hands)

And this is what we saw. . .

September 21-22, 2007

Grandma comes to visit!!

And Aunt Rachel and Uncle John, too!
We had a great weekend with the visiting Oliphants and realized how much we miss those guys!
Joseph and Grandma taking a tour of Virginia Tech's campus

Joseph and Aunt Rachel meet a cow at the Pre-game party. We didn't actually go to the football game, but we had a great time at the pre-game festivities. We got to see the band march in and everything.

After the pre-game fun, we looked around campus, walked through downtown Blacksburg, and took a ride out into the beautiful countryside.
September 15, 2007

Joseph Eats Spaghetti

A couple weeks ago I took Joseph to check out some day care centers. One was serving lunch, and I noticed all the kids in Joseph's age group were feeding themselves with a spoon. I have been a little neat-freakish and not let Joseph feed himself. However, after our day care visit, I realized I might be stunting his developmental growth. That very night we had spaghetti--and Joseph fed himself. You'll notice I did take off his shirt (he refuses to wear a bib).

Sunday, September 09, 2007

First Day of Nursery

Joseph turned 18 months this week. At church that means he is old enough to attend the nursery class. We got him all dressed up in his new outfit from Aunt Rachel and combed his hair, washed his face... the works! After all the spiffing, I told Joseph "Look how handsome you are!" He went to the mirror and was grinning at himself--quite proud of how cute he was. Right before leaving for church, I was packing the bag with all kinds of things to survive church such as cheerios and grapes. Joseph saw me packing the grapes and didn't want to wait until church. Therefore, the adorable "First Day of Nursery" picture that I envisioned didn't exactly go as planned. This is what happens when your 18-month-old is hungry and tired right before 1:00 pm church!
He got relatively happy during the car ride (we pass a playground that always lifts his spirits) so I thought we might try a photo right when we got to church. No such luck; the grump face came back as soon as he saw theh camera.

I was pretty worried what this tired little guy might do during his first day of nursery. However, when I took him to the room, he immediately joined the group and wouldn't even look at me to say goodbye! I came back at the end of the meeting. The teachers told me he was great. The only problem they said was trying to get him to stay seated at the table during snack. I don't have any suggestions for them. Joseph only stays still at any time when I strap him down (either a car seat or a high chair); otherwise, it is constant motion. Joseph slightly recognized my presence when I came to pick him up, but wanted to keep playing. When I asked him if he was ready to go home with me he said, "Ummmmmm" with a question in his voice like he really had to think about it. Success for nursery class!

Life in Blacksburg

We left the the bathroom door open, and a roll of tissue later . . .

Joseph exploring the statue on Tech's campus of one of the first students.
Joseph chasing squirrels....
September 2007

Monday, September 03, 2007

Hokie Nation

Saturday was Virginia Tech's opening game. It was amazing to see how the town transformed. Our street was packed with game-goers who walked to the stadium. I learned what it really means to to "Tailgate," and I now understand all those letters to the editor at BYU that complained about the lack of school spirit. You should see these Hokie fans! Unbelievable!
We took a tandem bike ride around campus before the game started just to get a feel for the energy.
September 1, 2007

A day in the life

I love the following picture. I want to take you step by step through the picture so you can better understand our life and Joseph's personality. First, Joseph is sitting in my lap reading a book. These books (we have a series thanks to Grandma Charlotte) have foam cut-out puzzle pieces. It asks a question and underneat the piece is the answer. Joseph loves these books. He has reached the age where he brings the book to me and wants to read. In addition to this series, he also has gone through a phase where he has loved the books on trucks, insects and the rescue helicopter (all gifts from Grandpa Lincoln). Now, you must look closer at this picture. You will see on the bench of the play table another book, Mommy's book. Anytime I try to read, Joseph pushes the book from my hands or directly puts his book on top of mine with the request (or demand) to read. Also, you will see in the background a pile of books. Joseph goes through them daily and scatters them as he "reads." He really will sit and look through pages of books or magazines. On the other side of the photo you will see the baby fence. You know baby gates? Well, we have a baby fence. This protects all of the things Joseph loves--phone, answering machine, modem/routher, plugs (anything that lights up or seems at all digital). We're not sure what we'll do when he can climb over the fence.

Here's another reading shot.