Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

We spent Thanksgiving in the Outer Banks, North Carolina at Aunt Joyce and Uncle Dave's beach home with Marc's side of the family. Joseph absolutely had the time of his life... Swimming in the Hoggan's heated pool

Posing with Aunt Rachel. Joseph LOVES Aunt Rachel and has taken to calling her "Ch"

Another posed "smile" for the camera. Joseph is playing with golf balls on the Hoggan's mini golf course

Joseph and Grandma on the beach Thanksgiving Day

When you have a 20 month old like Joseph, you enjoy "moon sets" at 6 am instead of sunsets. Isn't this moon over the water beautiful?

November 21-24, 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007

Thank you!

On Saturday Joseph and I joined thousands of other Hokies to spell out this thank you message to the world for their love and support following tragedy last April. They took pictures from airplane, helicopter and satellite while we stood on spray painted lines on the drill field. Joseph and I were part of the "N", I think. I can't quite remember. Joseph loved the band playing, the helicopters overhead, and the dogs that many people brought for the event.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mr. Bear Injured

Mr. Bear lost an eye. Joseph has been quite disturbed. Everytime he sees him, he points to where the eye should be and starts whimpering with a very pained facial expression. I try to tell him Mr. Bear will be okay, that we'll fix his eye, that maybe Mr. Bear needs a hug. After an unsuccessful trip to the craft store to find a replacement eye, Marc found the eye in the car. However, it came out again during the night. We'll try super glue, then it may have to be an eye patch. Mr. Bear might become Captain Bear the Pirate.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween

Joseph was a cat for Halloween. He didn't say "Trick or Treat," but instead "Meow" which sounds more like "mow." Very, very cute. We went trick or treating in downtown Blacksburg with lots of other children on Halloween afternoon. I got to go in a lot of stores I've never been before, and the shopkeepers loved my little cat. The vegetarian restaraunt gave cookies, the theater gave popcorn and most everyone else gave candy. Joseph's favorite were suckers. He got the hang of it quickly--it is amazing how smart kids are! Then we met Marc so he could take Joseph to his evening class to show off.
Joseph playing in the backyard leaves with his costume on
Maybe a little better view of the tail

Asheville, North Carolina

Over the weekend we took a trip to North Carolina. Marc and Joseph dropped me off with my wonderful college friends. We toured the Biltmore Estate, stayed up late talking and laughing and just had the perfect girls weekend! Joseph and Marc went off to have a few adventures of their own. I enjoyed getting to introduce Joseph to my friends.

Marc and Joseph went along Blue Ridge Parkway at this perfect time of year for fall scenery. Here they are at almost the top of Mt. Mitchell.

Saturday night they camped in the car. They took out the seats (the backseat folds down) and put a mattress on the floor of the mini van. They were able to stay warm enough--and it looks like Joseph had a fabulous time!

Marc said it was a beautiful area.

And that Joseph was most interested in the puddles. . .

October 27. 2007