Thursday, January 24, 2008

Whirlwind Wedding Weekend

Over the weekend, we traveled to Utah for Marc's brother's wedding. Since it was Marc's first week back to school, we had to make a quick trip of it. We actually spent more time traveling than we did in Utah (drive four hours to Dulles airport, flight to Chicago, change planes, flight to Salt Lake; stay 33 hours, then reverse and repeat). But we're really glad we could be there for the festivities and to see so much of Marc's family all in one day. One highlight of the trip for Joseph: staying with Aunt Faye and Uncle Blake who have CATS!!! Joseph loved chasing the cats around the house. We also learned on this trip that Joseph is allergic to peanuts. Not dangerously allergic (though I've heard if you keep eating it, it can become more serious), but enough to count. It is funny because I've been SO strict about not letting Joseph eat certain foods (strawberries, chocolate, cow's milk) until the right age--and even holding off for so long on any solid food because of allergy worries. Well, the one time I let up and give Joseph peanut butter early (two months before the 2 year allowable age) he has an allergy. Oh well! Maybe he will outgrow it.

I love this picture of John and Gwen because of how he is looking at his new bride, quite smitten. Very sweet.
January 19, 2008

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hiking with Daddy

On Saturday Marc took Joseph hiking along the Appalachian Trail so I could get some grant writing done at home. Marc is trying to prepare for his hike through the English Lake District in March. Carrying Joseph in a baby backpack should be good training!

January 12, 2008


Joseph was done with his oatmeal--and wanted down NOW! Joseph loves to help in the kitchen. Yesterday we made muffins in the morning. He helped stir, put the muffin papers in the pan, and then checked often through the oven window as they baked. Last night he found a spoon and bowl and was vigorously stirring. I asked him what he was making: MUFFINS!
Helping with the dishes turned into a "drink" from the faucet.

Happy Birthday Marc!

Marc turns 28 Today, so here are 28 Reasons I Love Marc. . .

1. His kind eyes

2. The way he checks on Joseph before going to bed every night

3. How he lets Joseph help him wash the car, stab baking potatoes, change the oil

4. Or any other project that is harder with an almost-two-year-old’s help

5. He forgives

6. And forgets

7. He emails me newspaper articles he thinks I would like during the day

8. He prefers feminine curves to model skinny.

9. He works hard at school and work

10. Even though he’d probably prefer to be hiking or sailing

11. When I’m with Marc I have fun--he gets me to lighten up

12. He lives up to his ideals

13. Like using public transportation and riding his bike to work

14. He gives the BEST massages

15. He loves my crazy family

16. Even while he thinks he should start a support group for “Men married to Moore women”

17. He takes me on travel adventures

18. Even when I complain about being pregnant in developing countries

19. He doesn’t have rigid gender role ideas

20. He keeps up on current events

21. He wants to live abroad

22. He is sincere

23. He treats the janitor just the same as the lawyer

24. I have seen him buy countless meals for homeless people who ask him for money

25. He makes great quesadillas

26. He is steady which is a perfect compliment for my roller coaster

27. Affectionate xoxoxo

28. He makes me laugh— at myself, at Joseph, at him, at life

January 7, 2008

Back to Blacksburg

Happy 2008!

More Missouri

Joseph lounging with a book on the bean bags

Grandma was reading to Joseph and Ally--Ally noticed the camera and gave me a great smile

Aunt Catherine playing and singing "Popcorn Popping" with Grace and Ally
December 2007

Friday, January 11, 2008

What We Learned in Missouri

We joke that Joseph hits all of his developmental milestones when we go visit my family. It is where he first crawled, started walking, even where he got over his 3 month long colic when he was a newborn. This visit was no different; Joseph learned all kinds of things. Except I'm not thrilled with all that he learned this time:
1. The word "mine"
2. How to lay on his belly, lift his hands and feet and slide down steep stairs--Fast!
3. Ketchup--Joseph learned about ketchup and wanted to put it on everything
4. How to climb out of his pack-n-play
5. "Cheese!" Joseph's cousins taught him that when you see a camera you say "cheese." The first time this happened, Joseph started looking around for the cheese (one of his favorite foods), but he caught on very quickly and now there are not many candid photos unless we can catch him by surprise.
Joseph had lots of cousin time over the holidays. Joseph and Ellie (who is 3 months older) were inseparable. It was really interesting to see their differences. Joseph is constant motion. Ellie is constant talking. She speaks in paragraphs, sits and watches a movie, tells Joseph he needs to go in "time out." She is amazing! Joseph on the other hand, doesn't say much, but is constantly moving. He is always going--running laps through the house, jumping off the stairs, throwing balls. He seems incapable of sitting still. Even though Joseph and Ellie always wanted to be together, they were constantly fighting. Ellie got a beautiful dollhouse with all the accessories for Christmas. She didn't want Joseph to play. I can't blame her--he broke the doll toilet lid on Christmas Day!! (Sorry again Joanna). But Joseph wouldn't stay in another room and play with his toys and leave her alone--I learned more about his stubborn personality traits.
But there's more....I've always really thought Joseph was a sweet, tender little child. He is very generous with his hugs and kisses. He gets an adorable look of empathy on his face when he sees someone with an scab or scar. So, it was a rather rough emotional experience for me to see him walk up to his cousin Ellie, when he thought no one was looking, and shove her. I've got a lot of teaching to do with Joseph. Ellie's mom, who is my younger sister Joanna, is really good at disciplining; I'm not. Our 2008 goal is to have more "time outs" and more teaching of proper behavior. I'm not sure who will hate it more: Joseph or me!

Joseph and Ellie playing in Grandma's fabulous toy room. This was their first morning together-you can see that they woke up and started playing together like they'd never been apart (quite happily the first morning, actually).

Grandma reading to Joseph and Ellie

Joseph--caught red handed--on Christmas morning


December 2007

Farmer Joseph

We visited Cousin Missy and Tom's farm in Illinois while we were in Missouri for the holidays. Joseph loved meeting the cows and bulls (one of those moments when I have to literally close my eyes in order to let Marc do more daring things than I can stand). Joseph loved throwing rocks in the pond, pretending to drive to drive the tractor, and basically running all over the place.

Of course, the farm has a special place in my and Marc's hearts and it is fun to visit each year. Unfortunately, Tom and Missy weren't at the farm during our visit, but did enjoy visiting with Marcia. She always travels to neat places and has pictures to show us. And luckily, Joseph didn't tear her house apart too much.
Thanks Tom and Missy for sharing your great place with us!

December 26, 2007

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

More Christmas...

In action with his new race track and cars

Joseph with his Great Aunt and Uncle, Elizabeth and Bob
Joseph playing basketball with Ally, Grace, Ben and Daddy

Christmas Morning

Our first present on Christmas morning was that Joseph slept in until 7 am! After he woke up, everyone else started stirring. Here we are lined up before the presents begin. Joseph was spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa. We all enjoyed watching Joseph and his cousin Ellie.

December 25, 2007

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Main Street St. Charles

We visited Main Street St. Charles in the historic district along the riverfront. There was a Fife and Drum Corps that marched and played along the streets, little shops decked out in 1800's Christmas decor, and carriage rides. It was really charming and well done. I even stopped in a boutique and bought a few things. As much as I liked the the atmosphere, I think Joseph's favorite part was when we he got to throw rocks in the water down near the river.

December 22, 2007

St. Louis Science Center

Joseph and I went to see the Body Worlds 3 Exhibit at the St. Louis Science Center with my parents and a few siblings. Marc opted out of looking at real dead human bodies; he decided to go shopping at the new Cabelas Outdoorsmen store and to go to the shooting range (he actually organized a couple shooting expeditions later in the week with my dad and brothers, brothers-in-law).
In addition to the Body Worlds 3, we checked out a few other exhibits including this dinosaur. As you can see, Joseph was enthralled. In this photo: Grandpa, Joseph, Andrew, Catherine, Hannah and Grandma

Joseph and Grandpa with the big dinosaur.
December 21, 2007

Exploring St. Louis

We explored Forest Park in St. Louis and also this Reptile Park that has huge concrete sculptures of turtles, snakes, etc.

St. Louis is the home of Anheiser Busch. To me, this photo with a Budweiser bar adjacent to the park is classic St. Louis.

December 20, 2007

Later that night, Marc and I had another night out. We went to a "late" showing (9:15 pm) of Bourne Ultimatum at the dollar theater (or what was the dollar show when I was in high school; inflation has hit even St. Charles) complete with candy sneaked in Marc's coat pockets.

Out on the town

Marc and I went to Powell Symphony Hall to see the Candlelight Christmas Concert performed by the Bach Society of St. Louis. It was a perfect night--gorgeous place, beautiful music, dinner out, dressed up, baby home asleep...

December 19, 2007

Welcome to Missouri

They saved some snow for us in Missouri, but you can see it was quickly melting. Our first day there Joseph enjoyed playing in the snow with his cousins and Marc. They went sledding and built a snow fort in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard.

December 19, 2007