Sunday, April 27, 2008



I got a phone call this week from Marc.
"Sarah, guess what?"

I immediately think he is going to tell me that he heard back from the fellowship he has applied for and that we are eagerly anticipating hearing news about. But I'm wrong!
"The guy from craigslist accepted my offer. I am a sailboat owner!"
I can't remember the last time I heard Marc so excited about something. Friday night Marc picked up the boat. Saturday morning he spent several hours working on the boat. This is the first Saturday in ages that Marc hasn't spent the day at school.
Hopefully we'll have some pictures in the water soon, but for now here is the beauty in the backyard!

April 26, 2008

Monday, April 07, 2008

Our guy

We just love our happy little Joseph!

He is growing up--chatting almost constantly now.

A few of my favorites: He comes in our room in the morning and says "suggle" meaning he wants to climb in bed and snuggle (which in Joseph's world is about 5 seconds before wiggling and climbing ensue).

He likes group hugs--with Daddy, Mommy and Joseph. In the middle of these hugs he often says "happy family"

He joins in singing a few words here and there during his good night songs. And he has opinions--apparently he is tired of "Child of God" because he says "no, no, no" if I start to sing it. His "no,no,no" is said in a tone of voice that is pretty soft, not demanding, but more like it is the silliest idea I've ever come up with! It is accompanied by shaking of the head and quite possibly rolling of the eyes.
He and I are learning the discipline ropes--and it is finally working. If I give him two choices, he most often now chooses the better choice (i.e. the one I wanted him to pick). But he realizes he has a choice and announces to me what he prefers. This makes going out with him in public much more fun. Actually, it makes life in general more fun.
April 2008


Joseph loves to help make muffins.

The muffins call for applesauce which prompted Joseph to require an applesauce break mid-muffin-making.
April 7, 2008

Welcome Spring

These are some of the flowers in our Blacksburg backyard.

Only a Parent...

I think some things only a child's parents find to be endearing (and everyone else finds disgusting). Messy food pictures fall into that category. That said, Marc was smitten by Joseph eating spaghetti last night and snapped a few pictures. So Joseph, when you're older and reading this blog, know that your dad and I found your messy face, temper tantrums and diaper adventures to be yet more reasons to love you!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Joseph Discovers Dress Up

When we got home from Arlington I gave Joseph and Marc haircuts. We had intended to do this before we left, but didn't get to it. I wish we had. Joseph looks so, so cute with his haircut!

Joseph came up with this on his own--his tool belt and my swim goggles. He said he was a helicopter pilot, who apparently wasn't interested in being photographed--there is not even a hint of a smile!
March 29, 2008

Reading with Aunt Rachel

Aunt Rachel gave Joseph Richard Scary's Best Word Book Ever. Joseph loves reading it and looking at the pictures. He especially loves Aunt Rachel. He doesn't even want to take his eyes off her!
March 29, 2008

Natural History Museum

We also went with Grandma to the Natural History Museum. We took the metro which Joseph always loves. At the museum, he really got a kick out of all the animals--from the big elephant, to monkeys, lions, bears, dinosaur bones and butterflies. It was a fun trip. Joseph found this bench for us to rest on (he at first thought it looked as if should be a jungle gym and was climbing all over).
March 27, 2008

Great Falls

Last week Marc had another conference in Northern Virginia so we got to go up with him again to visit the Oliphants.
Grandma took Joseph and me to Great Falls. Joseph seemed a little afraid of the falls at first, but quickly got over it. It was a beautiful day, a great spot, lots of fun.
March 26, 2008