Monday, June 29, 2009

San Francisco

Marc's work called him to San Francisco for a few days. Marc's family offered to watch Joseph so I could join him on the trip. Thank you Oliphants! We had a wonderful time. While Marc was in meetings I took my guidebook and explored the city; I went to the Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street, Fisherman's Wharf, the Ferry Market Building Farmer's Market, North Beach and more. I looked at amazing architecture and charming boutiques, and I did lots of people-watching. I love riding city buses because you really get to see the local people. On my first bus ride, I sat across from a transvestite and tried not to stare, but I'm not sure I could hide my fascination. I rode the early morning bus that led to Chinatown. The bus was packed with Chinese-Americans who were going to work for the day. I saw eldery Asian people dancing and exercising in local parks. I saw countless homeless people and possibly more people high on drugs than I've ever seen before in my life. On this trip I discovered my old self--that self that used to travel and explore all over the world. I think I had almost forgotten she existed amid nap schedules and student loan payments.

When Marc wasn't working, I rescued him from the fancy hotel of his conference (which I did not mind staying at) and we saw the real San Francisco. Well, some of it was real and some was gloriously touristy-- and we reveled in it. I took him on the Chinatown bus during the lunch hour. It was the closest thing to the Dominican Republic we've had in the U.S. Marc even yelled at some kid who was writing graffiti on the ceiling during the ride. We ate sourdough bread bowls with clam chowder at Fisherman's Wharf. We rode a cable car. We ate dinner in Chinatown and explored the neighborhood. I went back with Marc to the Golden Gate Bridge and we walked across and back together. A perfect trip.

Elderly Asians dancing early in the morning at a local park.

Sea lions who have made their home at Pier 39.

Coit Tower atop Telegraph Hill

My walk to the Golden Gate Bridge from our downtown hotel turned out to be much longer than I expected. But I was rewarded with this view. When Marc and I returned, we took the bus!

The social worker in me could not resist taking this photo--a phone to call for emergency counseling if you are considering jumping off the bridge. The sign says, "Crisis Counseling: There is Hope. Make the Call. The consequences of jumping from this bridge are fatal and tragic."

June 15-18, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Field Trips

Joseph and I have started taking weekly field trips together. I love him at this age with his curiousity and excitement. The National Zoo is a favorite field trip--we've gone three times. We saw a octopus feeding on shrimp, orangutans swing over our head on the outside ropes, and a 3-month-old baby gorilla hanging on to its mama.

We have also enjoyed several of the Smithsonian museums--American History, Natural History, and Air and Space. Aunt Rachel has gone with us on several of our field trips; she took Joseph through the Butterfly Pavilion with live butterflies flying all around when we went to the Natural History museum.
Once we went to National Harbor to check out the Children's Museum Launch Zone. I wasn't impressed, but Joseph had a great time and most importantly made a new friend that he climbed with after the museum.

We also went to check out the National Arboretum with its azaela walk and koi fish. One of Joseph's favorite parts of our field trips is the mode of transportation. On most of our field trips we have taken the bus and metro.

Joseph wearing his glasses at the bus stop.

Thursday, June 04, 2009


Are you going through Joseph picture withdrawal? We understand. We can't get enough of him, either. Here are some pictures from the last few months that we've been accumulating without posting!

Joseph likes to "mow" the lawn like Daddy.

Joseph helping wash dishes at Grandma's house

Eating hummus while wearing his bicycle helmet

Joseph can't get enough of the sandbox.