Saturday, April 10, 2010

Life in a Cast

How was our active little four-year-old ever going to survive life in a cast? He figured things out pretty quickly. Joseph never complained about being in a cast, not getting to go to the park, or having to sit out while other kids played physical games. It has been amazing to see the different aspects of Joseph's personality emerge through this experience. He is so affectionate and needs more hugs and snuggles, which is great by me! He seemed to understand that it was hard to carry him everywhere. Too often as soon as I would carry him downstairs to play, he would need to go back upstairs for the bathroom. But, sometimes after I carried Joseph up and down and up again, he would hug me tight and say "You're the best mom in the whole world." What a kid!

Joseph never lost his sense of humor.

Joseph set up a restaurant where we could special order our favorite foods!

Joseph used a stool for a makeshift table. This way he could leave his breakfast here and come back for more throughout the day--and I didn't have to lift him to the table each time.

Joseph loved playing Lincoln Logs and, of course, cars and trucks.

When the weather turned nice, I wrapped Joseph's cast in several layers of plastic bags with rubber bands at the top and sent him out into the sand box. I challenge you to find a happier or more grateful child than Joseph at his beloved "truck park."

And since crutches posed too much risk for re-injury, Marc built this scooter for Joseph!?!?!?

March-April 2010

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter Day

On Easter morning we woke up early and took a bike ride from our house downtown. We had a picnic breakfast of homemade lemon poppyseed muffins as we looked at the Cherry Blossoms over the Tidal Basin. It was beautiful to be outside and enjoy the spring morning and continue our discussion with Joseph about what happened on the Sunday morning of Easter.

Notice the new walking cast Joseph had for Easter (he had his cast changed on Friday and was still learning to walk on it).

Later in the day we went to Marc's parents house for a delicious Easter Dinner. It was wonderful. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a meal so much. You really must try these herbed potatoes that Rachel made John and Gwen were in town from Princeton, Missy and her roommate were there, as well as our Indonesian friend Rosy. It was a great night.
Rachel did a really fun Easter egg hunt for Joseph with all kinds of filled eggs with gum (Joseph's favorite) and candy, hidden treats like jello cups and string cheese (treats I never buy), and decorated paper eggs. Aunt Rachel is so thoughtful for Joseph! We're all lucky to have her.

Joseph got to ride with Grandma Donna in the covertible to pick up Rosy. When I saw them pull up, he had this huge grin on his face. I imagine he had the smile the whole ride.
We also celebrated Grandma Donna's birthday. Joseph enjoyed giving her a present.

April 4, 2010

Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Week Traditions

I've long wanted to create Easter traditions that encompass the entire week before Easter. Most other Christian faiths celebrate Holy Week with recognition of the events that happened the entire week prior to Easter. I have fond memories of my mom telling me about how neat Palm Sunday was in her church as a child.

This year we tried to make a bigger event of Easter at our house. I think it was our most successful year so far. We began by dying Easter eggs which eventually turned into colorful deviled eggs. Even though I want to focus on the meaningful, I think the fun, light hearted parts are important too.

I hesitate to post these pictures because I look so tired. But, Joseph looks adorable, and we do want to remember the moments. I'm reminded of some great pictures of my mom when I was a toddler--she looks exhausted and pregnant and is just the best mom.

We also had a "Last Supper" of sorts. We had a dinner comprised of foods that would have been served at a dinner during the time of Jesus. The menu consisted of fish, cheese, pita with olive oil or honey to dip, olives, carrots, and grape juice. Joseph called it our "Jesus dinner." I intended this to be our Good Friday dinner tradition, but we did it Saturday night. After wanting to do this for many years, I'm just glad we got to do it all. I also should note that I was determined for this to be successful so before coming home to prepare the dinner, we stopped for an "appetizer" hamburger at Burger King. I knew if Marc and Joseph were hungry at the end of the meal, it would be a flop! It turns out Joseph is at a great age to start traditions. If I'm excited about something, Joseph quickly adopts and expands the enthusiasm. He was thrilled with the event and asked when we could do it again. I told him next Easter. We're building the anticipation, in Moore family fashion.

Joseph was excited to help Daddy grill the whole fish we had purchased.

Lighting candles makes a meal exciting for a four-year-old. Even if it is still broad daylight!

It was fun to answer Joseph's questions as we ate. He was really interested in doing things the way Jesus would have. We also got to talk about what Jesus did the last few days of his life.

April 3, 2010