Saturday, August 28, 2010

Boys Reunion

Nick, Ryan, and Marc were all great friends growing up in Arlington. Last Sunday Nick was in town and Ryan and Melissa hosted us at their house in the beautiful Maryland countryside for a barbeque.

Joseph and Wyatt get along really well--they both seem to have a lot of energy. I guess they are carrying on the friendship tradition from their dads.

Ryan owns his own construction business. In his "spare time" he is adding a second level to their home. I'm amazed at his skill and ability. It was really amazing. One of the neatest features was this awesome slide that goes from the second floor down to the main floor. Wyatt and Joseph loved it! They have a such a great kid house--tons of toys, a great backyard, a trampoline, and now this neat slide.
August 22, 2010

Arlington County Fair

We live down the street from the community center where the Arlington County Fair is held each summer. This year we walked down to the fair Saturday night and checked out the booths--Marc thinks he may enter some of his garden vegetables in the contest next year. Joseph got a Jr. Deputy Sheriff badge and a balloon (which he carried all the way home until it slipped from his fingers literally on our front steps; he was crushed). The big highlight was riding the ferris wheel.

Expectant mothers weren't allowed to ride. Joseph said, "That's okay, mom, I really wanted Dad to ride with me anyway." I had fun smiling and waving on every pass of the wheel--Joseph was grinning from ear to ear.
August 21, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sandy Point Beach

This summer Joseph and I have made a couple trips to Sandy Point Beach on the Chesapeake Bay with my friend Kristin. Joseph is such a little water lover. Our most recent trip was apparently jelly fish season. Joseph got stung within the first five minutes of getting in the water. Unlike many of the other swimmers, Joseph was not deterred. He kept getting back in the water.

However, he also made some new friends, and they spent much of the time catching what Joseph called "the amazing sea creatures" that are jelly fish. They filled up buckets of them on the sand.

August 20, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy 60th Birthday Dad!

To my wonderful father,
Happy 60th Birthday! You have lived an amazing life so far--thank you for all you have done for me. I can't wait to enjoy many more years of making memories with you.

Dad with his daughter, Sarah Elizabeth (me!)in Nashville, Tennessee. Dad has always valued family: at 60, he has eight children and nine grandchildren.

Dad earned his PhD in Biochemistry from Vanderbilt University in 1977. Dad has always valued education and encouraged us to do our best. I am trying to follow his footsteps in working on my PhD.

Dad was my bishop at church throughout my teen years. I hardly remember a stake dance or youth conference when he wasn't there. He was at all the daddy-daughter nights (though our pictures never turned out with both of our eyes open), and was a great example to me of patience and gentleness. I have a tender memory of getting upset with my dad about something and storming off to my room in tears. I remember my dad coming to my room, knocking gently and apologizing. The thing is, I was the one who had been in the wrong. But he apologized and calmed my emotional outburst--which is quite a feat!

Dad was always there for the important moments in my life. Above: my high school graduation in 1995.

Below: graduation from BYU in 1999. Dad was a great supporter of me in college. I have wonderful memories of Dad taking me out to BYU my freshman year. He took me on my first plane ride, moved me into the dorms, helped me find all of my classes on campus, and assured me I could do this. When he missed his flight home, I remember being so thrilled to have him with me for just one more night. During the second semester of my freshman year when I was so homesick, Dad wrote me every week--and always included his non-artistic "No stress" face drawing.

I brought a couple boys home from college to meet my dad before I brought Marc. Dad's judgement was always right on, though he knew his headstrong daughter well enough to let her make her own decisions. He gave those other boys a pretty serious grilling in private, however. And Dad's view did matter a great deal to me, even if I couldn't let on. Dad was so happy for me on my wedding day to Marc.
I often joke about how similar Dad and Marc are, but I couldn't ask for a better father or husband!

Now that I am a mother, Dad has taken on a new role as grandpa to my Joseph. Dad is a great grandpa. Here he is making popcorn and lemonade with the grandkids for a movie night.

Joseph loves to help Grandpa Bill with his fireplace, drink chocolate milk with him, and in this picture roast hotdogs in the backyard.

Dad continues to be a wonderful influence for good into the next generation. I love you, Dad!
August 26, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fletcher's Boat House

We rented a rowboat at Fletcher's Boat House and took a ride out on the Potomac. It was a wonderful day.

Joseph finally got to do real fishing--with a hook and bait! He didn't catch anything, but he was still thrilled!
We each took a try at rowing, but Marc was the only one who could really make us move!

After the boat ride, Joseph tried his hand at fishing in the canal. He still didn't catch anything, but something ate the worm off his hook, which is quite exciting! I love his "Save Columbia Pike Library" t-shirt--my little activist!

August 14, 2010

6 Year Anniversary

We've been married six years. It doesn't sound like very long in the big picture, but you know, it really feels like quite an accomplishment. This year for our anniversary, Grandma Donna, Grandpa Lincoln and Aunt Rachel took Joseph for 3 nights and we had a "staycation."It was wonderful! We slept in, ate out meals with uninterrupted conversation, took naps...all those luxuries that we appreciate so much now that we're parents! And Joseph had the time of his life--picnics, parks, movies, legos, and being the center of everyone's world.

Thursday night we dropped off Joseph and then walked over to Columbia Pike to try a new kebab place. It was a hole in the wall with no air conditioning; it reminded me of some of the places we went in the Dominican Republic, but the food was excellent, and I've wanted to walk over to dinner on Columbia Pike for awhile now. Friday we slept in and went out to lunch (and then to ice cream) and then to an afternoon showing of the movie Inception. Friday night we went to Old Town Alexandria and walked along the waterfront and shops and ate a late night dinner at a pizza place. Saturday we rented a sailboat at Pohick Bay off the Potomac; the weather was perfect, and Marc really is a natural in a sail boat. Saturday night we rode our bikes along the monuments and past the White House in D.C. (I even braved the new bike lanes on Pennsylvania Ave.). Sunday we skipped church and just relaxed before picking Joseph up in the afternoon. We had such a wonderful time--I cried when it was time for the weekend to end. I love to hang out with Marc: I am reminded of the many reasons I'm glad I married him.

Marc's parents even loaned us their convertible! Here we are before we headed out to go sailing.
The White House during our night bike ride.
The happy couple in Old Town Alexandria on the anniversary date, August 6.
August 5-8, 2010

Dumbarton Detectives Summer Camp

Joseph is one lucky kid. And we are really lucky parents, too. Missy gave Joseph a week of summer camp in the Dumbarton Detectives history program at the Dumbarton House in Georgetown. He had an absolute ball and learned a lot about early American history. When I picked him up each day, he was brimming over with excitement to tell me what he had done and learned--I was surprised at how much he retained. And I felt really lucky to be the one who picks him up and gets to see the initial excitment. He especially enjoyed the cooking: they made hoe cakes, butter (by shaking cream), firebread (like biscuits apparently), and ice cream. Joseph loves telling the step by step process of the creations. He had such a great time, and we're so grateful to Missy for such a generous and wonderful gift!
It was fun to see Missy more that week, too, since her office was just upstairs. We even got to meet for a picnic lunch one day after camp.
August 2-6, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ode to My Mother-in-Law

My mother-in-law just stopped by the house and brought ham, homemade potato salad, and delicious looking pie. I was not expecting her--she usually works on Wednesdays. She just happened to be in the neighborhood and dropped off dinner for us while she was here.

She also asked about the babysitting arrangement for when my classes start back up (unbelievably on August 30). This semester my classes are Mondays and Thursdays. Her days off are Tuesdays and Thursdays (which have coincided with my class schedule in past semesters). I told her that Marc had planned just take off a little early on Monday nights in time for me to get to class. She offered to change her work schedule so that she has Mondays off.
It reminds me of when we were living with Marc's parents a couple years ago. When we were talking about trying to find a place to live on our own, Donna offered us anything to get us to stay--including giving us her bedroom! She sure knows how to make you feel welcomed!
More than once we've gotten a phone call on a weekend from Donna telling us she doesn't have plans and wondered if we'd like her to come babysit while we go out.
Who gets lucky enough to have a mother-in-law like this?

August 18, 2010

Saturday with Dad

We took a Saturday morning bike ride on the Capital Crescent Trail that runs along the beautiful wooded area surrounding the Potomac.

We then picked up burritos and had a picnic on Ohio Drive--our favorite picnic spot along the Potomac near the monuments.

Joseph always finds a stick to dangle in the river and calls it fishing. These pictures were taken before a boat's wake caused the river to splash up and soak Joseph from the waist down.

Later that same afternoon we went swimming at the Donaldson Run Pool. (thank you to the Hannemans for the passes). This is Joseph's favorite summertime activity.
He especially likes it when Dad gets to come.

Joseph is fearless in the water and is becoming a regular little fish. And a lifeguard I've been told. I just want to reassure you, I do put sunscreen on him!

July 31, 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Joseph and I took the bus to Rosslyn (on the 45 bus that we learned about on our bus exploration day) and then walked across the Key Bridge to Georgetown.

The destination was the increasingly famous Georgetown Cupcake shop.

However, this line (which I could not fit in its entirety into the camera frame) and the blazing heat deterred us from our destination.

Joseph instead chose Subway. The best thing about eating at Subway was that I saw the Supreme Court nominee (now newest Justice) Elena Kagan through this big window as we sat eating. She was walking by carrying a Dean and Duluca bag from the market across the street. I wanted to take a picture of her, but chickened out.
July 30, 2010


A real highlight of the summer was getting our road re-paved. Apparently, there is some new way of doing things where you tear up the existing asphalt and go down eight inches, mix in cement through those eight inches and then let it set up for several days, then pour the asphalt over the top. The mixed in cement base is supposed to last for 25 years. At any rate, the process took three different road crews, two weeks, and lots of chatting time with the workers. Joseph was in heaven.

These two had a ball chatting it up with the workers and pretending to work themselves; the road crew workers loved having these little guys out there. They outfitted them with real hard hats and safety goggles.
The first morning, we went to watch the machines tearing up the road. Our neighbor with three children and I with Joseph went down the street to watch. Joseph told the workers he was going to be a construction worker when he grew up (to which they responded, no--you should be a teacher or professor--or at least the boss of the crew). When the workers took a break at the 7-11, they brought each of the children back a popsicle. Very sweet. Except, upon closer inspection, this fruity pop was actually an energy popsicle filled with caffeine and with a warning not to give to children or pregnant women!!! My neighbor and I both decided one popsicle wouldn't kill them. Though, I admit, I was relieved when Joseph showed no signs of accelerated heart rate or anything. In fact, I didn't notice an increase in his energy level from his usual non-stop self.
July 2010