Friday, September 24, 2010

We're Ready...

My dear friend Sister Murphy made this beautiful quilt for the baby and sent it all the way from Germany. She is so talented and generous. Don't you just adore it? Those colors, the design! I love, love, love it! When I look at it, I think "Baby, we are ready for you. We are anticipating your arrival--in fact loved ones the world over are thrilled for you to join us."

Joseph and the baby will share a room. We have the crib all set up (though she'll be in a bassinet in my room for the first few months).

And Joseph's bed has gotten an upgrade with this transportation themed quilt and sheets.

We have a rocking chair this time around, plus a snap n go stroller that works with the car seat, a boppy, a bumbo, a swing, an electric pump (in addition to the bouncer and Bjorn that were our staples last time). With all this gear, it's bound to be smooth sailing. I've bought hundreds of diapers and wipes, vacuumed the house, cleaned windows, mopped floors, washed sheets and towels, and scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom with a toothbrush--literally. Marc wanted us to have more food storage--so I've bought cases of soup, vegetables, fruit, spaghetti sauce, noodles, coconut milk, and salad dressing and stored them in our newly organized coat closet-pantry-only-storage-space-in-our-house. (Joseph calls it storing food for the winter--like the squirrels).

Marc's mom gave us a new duvet and I found this pretty Laura Ashley cover so our room has had a makeover too.

All three of us have gotten hair cuts, the front porch is cleared out, there is a berry wreath on the front door. I can't think of anything else to do to get ready.... We're ready baby! Can't wait to meet you!

Apple Picking

Apple picking is one of my favorite autumn activities, and I felt this desperation to get some quality only-to-be-found-at-the-orchard apples and have a fun field trip with Joseph. Since time is quickly running out, I plowed ahead with my apple picking plans despite the 90+ degree weather this week. Add in 9 months pregnant, a wheelbarrow to haul apples, and a dearth of ripe, non-rotten apples and you have a less than idyllic day. However, Joseph is a great sport. He was happy to see the goats, eat peanut butter sandwiches on the tailgate of our car, and drink apple cider that I purchased (and was disappointed to learn was shipped in from Pennsylvania). We picked a few apples, purchased a peck of already picked apples and called it day!
September 22, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back to School

Joseph started back to preschool with his beloved Mrs. Anita. He has missed preschool during the summer and was thrilled to start back. Joseph likes to play "school bus" and stand at the curb of our house and have me drive to pick him up. I've gotten to be the parent helper everyday of preschool so far this year--trying to get my co-op hours in before baby makes her appearance! It has been fun to be in Joseph's class. He is definitely the big kid this year.

These pictures are actually from the second day of school.
September 16, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010


Tonight we went to Catholic University's annual graduate student "Crabfest." We forgot the camera so I'm just going to include some other pictures of us lately. You can't have a post without pictures, right? Anyhow, we had a great time at the crabfest. Before we went Joseph asked if this would be like college and we would get to learn about crabs. I told him we would just be eating them. He loved the live music, making friends, and getting to pound away at the crabs with the little wooden hammers. Marc was in seafood heaven. And I just loved the cool night air. Finally some relief from the heat! This is actually a picture of us at one of our favoite Afghan kabob places in Clarendon. First trimester I basically only wanted ramen, second trimester salad, salad, salad. The last trimester: gyros! Everytime I get to pick the restaraunt, I pick a Middle Eastern place. I can't get enough! Isn't pregnancy awesome? I really do love being pregnant.... I should write a whole post on that one of these days...pretty soon since I only have 3 weeks left in the blissful state of pregnancy!

Here's another fun shot to include that is not of the crabfest. I finally put almost all of our toys in the attic. Joseph can choose something to bring out, play with, and then exchange for something else. It has worked wonderfully!! He isn't overwhelmed with all of the toys at once. He spent several days building with these blocks that he has had for years, but hasn't played with until I put them in the attic. He really was proud of using every block in the set to build his tower.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Bodie Saves the Day

A few weeks ago I had an experience that vividly reminded me of the sleep deprived, feel-awful-even-when-trying-to-paint-on-a-happy-face, shell of existence life that some people have with a newborn. I was one of those people. To make a long story short, I began to panic.... What have I gotten myself into? I was happy with my life again, finally. Why introduce a sibling so I can just spend the rest of my days as referee with constant bickering? Why subject myself to the sleep deprivation and post partum depression and that awful cave of a place? What was I thinking? For the first baby you're scared because you don't know what to expect. For the second baby, you're TERRIFIED because you KNOW what to expect! (And yes, I know many of you had wonderful, blissful newborn experiences. I am happy for you. However, that was not my experience). Anyhow, by the time Marc was home from work that day I was in a full-fledged panic. Usually, I want to talk things to death. Almost anything is better if I re-hash it and discuss it forever. But that night I couldn't talk about it. Marc didn't know what to do with a silent Sarah.

The next day, I watched Bodie. Joseph adores baby Bodie. We ran our errands, went to story time at the library, and Joseph "read" (recited by memory) him Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Even though I locked the keys in the car (and Marc and his co-worker Dan had to come rescue me--thanks Dan!!), and I realized I am going to have to up my motherhood game a notch with two children, it was a fabulous day. I enjoyed holding and cuddling Bodie. I loved his smiles, and Joseph was in heaven helping with the baby. So, thanks to Bodie for reminding me why I'm doing this again.