Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We are Family...

Over Christmas it was really fun to spend time with my family. I loved getting to introduce Abigail to so many of my family members. Sometimes it is really strange to realize that my siblings and I have "grown up."  Six of eight are married. Andrew is in college. Hannah who turned 2 when I was a freshman at BYU is about to finish high school. David and Jacob are fathers!!  It is definitely different being grown up siblings--and sometimes I really miss the closeness we all had when we lived all crammed in the Boone Drive house, but it is also fun to get together as "adults." It is fun to see David feeding his daughter. Joseph idolizes Dan's kids.  And we all have turned into our mom and dad in some ways!

Grandpa Bill meets Abigail.  My dad commented on how "symmetrical" her features are. My brother David commented on her "perfectly proportioned" features.  Abigail gets a lot of comments on her delicate features. She really is a beautiful baby. The pictures never quite capture it, so I think people are struck by her beauty when they first meet her.  And, yes, I am highly biased.

Grandma and Grandpa with Cousin Thomas, who is adorable! He is always smiling--what a happy baby!  And wouldn't you be happy too if sweet Nanitzi was your mother?! 
 Thomas loves playing with Uncle Andrew.
 Aunt Hannah helped Joseph make a gingerbread house.
 Joseph likes to climb into Grandma and Grandpa's bed.  He also discovered mixed nuts during this trip (However, I cannot explain why he brought the Costco jar of mixed nuts into the bed. Breakfast?)
 Abigail and Uncle Andrew
 Cousin Shaia has grown up so much since we saw her this summer. What a doll! 
The Moores in from Kansas City! 

December 2010

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

Here is Joseph trying to wake Uncle Andrew on Christmas morning. Andrew and Hannah sleep on the floor downstairs on Christmas Eve watching Christmas movies.

 The "line-up" to go upstairs to the tree... Youngest to Oldest... Joseph led the line since Abigail and Thomas both slept through the official Christmas morning. (Abigail was already back down for a morning nap before we could wake up these late sleeping aunts and uncles!)
 After presents, delivering meals to the elderly with a community organization, and big breakfast, it was time to play in the snow!! There was enough to sled--even if it did barely cover the grass!
 A first sled ride for Cousin Thomas.
 Marc making faces for Joseph's entertainment.
 Grandma is awesome. She is right out there with everyone sledding. And by everyone, I don't mean me! I was inside keeping warm.

Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Bob joined the fun at Mom and Dad's house on Christmas Day.
December 25, 2010  

Christmas in Missouri

 Christmas Eve is full of traditions at the Moore house.  This year we changed things up a bit, but still hung on to some tried and true traditions such as "caroling" in Santa hats.  Beautiful snow started falling Christmas Eve during the day, but Marc's flight made it in time for him to go caroling with us.
 Marc instigated a snowball fight as we were unloading from caroling.
 Dad fights back--in his Santa hat!
The annual Christmas nativity play actually took place a few days before Christmas Eve this year. Grandpa, Grandma & Aunt Mer helped with nativity (which Joseph tells me they repeated three times so each child could have a turn at the part he or she wanted).  Thanks to Aunt Mer for taking pictures that night!
 After dinner, we had a little talent show. Here Ally and Gracie are singing, accompanied by Ben on the piano. 

Andrew sang a beautiful "O Holy Night" that he had performed in church on Sunday  (but most of us hadn't been there to hear it).
 Presents and posing for pictures!  My brother Dan's family left on Christmas Day for a ski trip so there was a present exchange on Christmas Eve. 
 The grandkids: Back: Ben, Abigail, Lexy. Front: Grace, Thomas, Joseph, Ally
Grandma and Grandpa with the grandchildren
Merry Christmas!

**Photos courtesy of  my parents camera (a.k.a Hannah) for both Christmas posts

Thursday, December 23, 2010

National Tree

On Saturday after Marc got home from his trip, we all went to the American History Museum. I worked for a couple hours in the cafeteria where there is wi-fi. Then we all looked through some exhibits before walking over to the National Christmas Tree display.

 This is how Abigail made the cold walk.
 She adores Daddy!
 Our family in front of the tree (Abigail is under Marc's coat.)
Sisters, sisters....

December 10, 2010

Fun with Catherine

In addition to working hard, we tried to play hard with Aunt Catherine too. After most of the schoolwork was finished, we explored D.C. at Christmastime.
We went to the fabulous holiday display at the U.S. Botanic Garden. It is a must-see in D.C. if you're here for Christmas!

Afterwards, we went to Ben's Chili Bowl for lunch. I had a hilariously embarrassing parallel parking experience, but it was worth it.

Joseph was a big fan--I wish I could have gotten a video of him dancing to the soul music.  Abigail slept through the whole thing!

December 9, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Extended Oliphant Family Christmas

Since we were heading to St. Louis for Christmas, Marc's parents hosted a Christmas celebration for us before we left. We ate a delicious dinner--a "fancy dinner" as described by Joseph, exchanged gifts, sang songs and told stories, and acted out the nativity. It was a really fun night. We only wish John, Gwen, and Lucy could have been with us.  At the last minute, we left town before they arrived.

 Here we are acting out the nativity--complete with Abigail as Baby Jesus.
 Grandma Donna was the angel. And angel she is--this year we *flew* to Missouri because of my angel mother-in-law. She gave me an airline ticket to fly home with Abigail the week before Christmas.  Because of this, we were all able to fly! What a better way to travel than 14 hours driving time (not including stops needed for a newborn)!

Gotta love this kid.

December 19, 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Abigail now sleeps most of the night in the crib in Joseph's room. I guess I should say the kids' room.  Abigail makes a lot of noises during the night. This is one of the reasons she needed to move from the bassinet beside my bed into another room. I wake at every little baby noise (in addition to random waking to check to make sure she's still breathing).  Anyhow, the first night I put her in the crib, I did it part way through the night after a feeding.  Usually, once Joseph is (finally!) asleep, noise doesn't wake him up. However, that night he got up to go to the bathroom. When he got back to the bed, he heard noises in his room.  He called out to me, "There are monsters in here!"  I replied, "Oh, no, it's just Abigail. She's in the crib."  "Oh," he said.  The shift to sharing a room has gone smoothly. He doesn't awaken when she cries to eat during the night. A few times if he wakes up to go to the bathroom and she's making noise, he'll say in his sleepy voice, "Get her out of here!" And I don't mind bringing her back to my room (having her move out of the bassinet was sad in a "this phase is ending" kind of way, but more sleep is helpful, as much as I try to pretend otherwise).

Here's a video of some Abigail noises. They do kind of sound like monster noises!

Aunt Catherine Saves the Day

My sister Catherine flew out from St. Louis to help me finish this semester. As you might imagine, going full time in a PhD program while delivering and caring for a newborn has had its challenges.   Frankly, the phrase, "it takes a village" has taken on a whole new meaning for me. I never could have made it through without the help of so many people. Especially my mom who came out when Abigail was born, and most recently, Catherine who came for the last week and a half of my semester. She took care of everything while I wrote and wrote and wrote.  Three papers, an exam, two presentations (oh, and 18 hours of class time) later, it was over!  It was freezing here so Catherine took Joseph to the indoor playland at McDonalds, to the library, to the church to fulfill my assignment to make lunches for the homeless shelter, and read him countless books--over and over again!  She kept Abigail and Joseph happy, fed, and rested when I attended marathon class sessions.  Did I mention Marc was out of town for work during this, my most busy school week?  

 I had intended to have my papers finished when she arrived and just have a nice time with her--while taking advantage of her babysitting services while I attended class since Marc was going to be out of town. However, the papers were most certainly not done. In addition to watching the kids so I could write, she also served as chief Editor and Statistics Consultant AND listening ear to my ranting and raving (you can't write a good paper without some good ranting and raving)! 
Abigail took quite a liking to Aunt Catherine

Catherine sharing her ipod with Joseph.
I think we wore her out, but we really can't thank her enough.  And, of course, a big thank you to Uncle John for "letting her" come to Virginia :)

December 5-14, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

All dressed up

We took Abigail back to church this week-- I loved having her sleep in my arms again.  And yes, Catherine and I were taking phone pictures during church!

Abigail with her little skirt and too big tights--what a doll! Aunt Joanna, this bow is dedicated to you!

Joseph and Abigail

Although good intentioned, many of Joseph's attempts to hold Abigail end like this.
Sunday, December 12, 2010


Joseph let Abigail hold his baby doll. She seemed to like it!

Abigail and Daddy are twins in their hats!

This picture tries to capture Abigail's hands as she sleeps

Another try--sweet little hands