Tuesday, February 22, 2011

4 Month Well Baby Check

At four months (and five days since her appointment was 2/10):

Abigail now weighs a whopping 10 pounds, 15 ounces.  She is 23 inches long. This, is one pound heavier and one inch longer than  Joseph was at birth!!  Nevertheless, she is as healthy as can be!

The doctor said that she is doing wonderfully! Abigail really charmed her pediatrician. She smiled and giggled for her; she held her head up strong and even pushed up on her arms better than she's ever done at a "home tummy time" (I was relieved because I was a bit worried that I hadn't been vigilant enough about the dreaded tummy time).

The doctor commented on her perfectly round head, "Do you hold her a lot?"  she asked.  I said, "Look at her! Yes, I can't put this doll down. She's just so cute!" 

We talked about sleep training. Then Abigail kept working her magic (Joseph used to do this at the doctor's office, too). And by the end of the visit, the doctor looked at Abigail and joked, "Okay, okay. No sleep training" because Abigail was just so cute. At least I think she was joking?!?! 

We also had some blood work done just to make sure Abigail has continued to improve since her discharge from the NICU. I am happy to report--all is perfectly normal!!!  There's nothing like having everyone dote on your baby and tell you how cute she is.  I mean, I like it when the whole world agrees with me, don't you?

Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthday began the night before.... Marc and Joseph slipped out and brought home flowers and a chocolate ganache torte from Trader Joe's.  On my birthday morning Joseph fixed me breakfast in bed: frosted mini wheats and cold skim milk served with the brightest smile you've ever seen--and a pink gerber daisy. In true Sarah-fashion, I had told him this was my favorite breakfast because I wanted to keep the kitchen clean :)

 After doing the preschool drop-off, I took Abigail for her 4-month well baby check. It was the best birthday present ever!!!  The doctor, nurses, other patients, and random people throughout the building kept telling me what a beautiful baby I have.  Right before giving her immunization shots, the nurse couldn't quit playing with Abigail. She turned to me and said, "You can tell she can comes from a home filled with love."  Best birthday present ever! 

After picking up Joseph from preschool, we went to lunch!  He was severely disappointed that I had class on my birthday [advanced quantitative research (a.k.a statistics from hell) to make it worse].  No cake on your birthday, mom?    I tried to convince him we'd have the Trader Joe's cake and candles on Friday night. "Mom, that doesn't count!!" 

 But "taking mom to lunch" for her birthday consoled him a bit!

While I was at class on my birthday, Aunt Elizabeth watched the kids and helped Joseph decorate the house. A couple friends stopped by with flowers, balloons, chocolate and kind notes. Facebook messages, cards, calls from my parents. It was really nice.

So, Friday night we had a birthday dinner and the much anticipated cake with Joseph's birthday song bringing tears to my eyes--in a good way :)!

And, of course, it wouldn't be a birthday at our house if Bob weren't there with us!

The birthday celebrating continued on into the weekend. Marc's parents' hosted an extended family dinner for my birthday. Only Joseph and I went since Marc and Abigail had gotten sick, but it was still really fun.  They have a great tradition of saying something nice about the birthday person. Even if what everyone said wasn't really true, I'll take it!

Another year has gone by!  I remember last year very clearly because it was it was in the middle of the blizzard.  I was also sick, sick, sick with morning sickness. Here we are a year later with the cutest baby as a result of that morning sickness and my sweet Joseph. Life is good.

February 10, 2011

White House

When my family came to D.C. for Abigail's blessing, my good friend (who happens to work for our Congressman) got us tickets to the White House!  It was such a fun trip (despite the 7:30 tour time!!).  It started snowing while we were on our tour.  Abigail slept in my arms through most of it. I love holding my sleeping baby so it was the perfect combination of all my favorite things--my sweet baby, my dear parents, my fun sister, my precocious Joseph, my awesome husband--all touring the Obama White House!

January 8, 2011

Abigail's Blessing

Abigail was given a sweet blessing by Marc. It was a treat to have both of her grandfathers participate in the blessing.  We enjoyed sharing this day with our extended families (my parents and sister Hannah flew in from Missouri; Marc's parents and sisters, Rachel and Elizabeth, and Marc's cousin Missy also were there). Abigail was blessed in a beautiful pink dress from Cousin Missy and wrapped in a white blanket that I bought in Jerusalem years ago and saved for my hoped-for-future babies.

 We had talked about blessing Abigail at home, but we have felt such love and support from our ward family that we really wanted to share this celebration of Abigail with them. A friend in our ward, Genevieve, took notes of the blessing for us--what a special gift.

All of our family is in the photo below. Except Joseph. He burst into tears at the thought of missing a single minute of Primary!

After church (Primary) was over, Joseph happily posed for a photo.

I love the pictures from this day--it was a happy, wonderful day--filled with joy. We love our little miracle Abigail who brings a smile into every room she enters.

January 9, 2011

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


We love this guy!
 Joseph is washing the toy bins.

 Joseph having a glass of milk with the glasses Aunt Rachel gave him for Christmas.

Joseph my little explorer with his National Geographic explorer kit.

January 2011

Monday, February 07, 2011


We went to the Newseum with several other moms and their little ones.  We parked at one friend's visitor parking near the metro and then walkd in the freezing cold to and from the metro station. It was Abigail's first metro ride. I don't enjoy using the stroller in the metro so I carried Abigail in the Bjorn. It was fun to have her so close for so many hours--she took her nap right snuggled up to me. 

The Newseum is a really neat museum; I would enjoy visiting it without Joseph. Many of the exhibits and photographs were powerful, but a little too intense for my inquisitive and serious minded four-year-old.  We did, however, enjoy the 4-D movie as well as the section where you could record your own newscast.  Joseph has been giving "traffic reports"  for a while now at home. At the very end, he kind of freezes. Because I've heard him do it so many times, I can tell you he was pausing because got confused about which reporter personality to use (he starts to say Robert Siegle and then remembers that he doesn't do the traffic report). 

January 21, 2011

Sunday, February 06, 2011

New Recipes

We've been a bit bored with the winter blahs. Adding to that is the boredom of eating the same meals over and over again.  This week we celebrated the end of January (here's to a whole year before we have to do January again!!)  with lots of new recipes:
Curried vegetable samosas with cilantro-mint chutney (from Cooking Light magazine)
Served with Moroccan Chickpeas with Apples (from The Washington Post)

Lettuce Wraps (from my sister Joanna)

Pan fried shrimp egg rolls (from Cooking Light magazine)

Lamb Kofta with Harissa yogurt sauce and Saffron rice (from Cooking Light magazine)

I don't think the pictures really look very appetizing, but we had some winners. And luckily, not a single recipe was a total flop! 

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Four Months

Abigail is four months today.  I didn't think it was possible, but I think she is getting cuter!   At four months, Abigail loves to laugh, be tickled, watch her big brother, and look at herself in the mirror.  She recognizes me when she sees me--there is nothing like having her break into a grin as I approach her. Tonight when I picked her up, she sighed a wonderful contented sigh.  She is such a peaceful little soul.  We love her.

She went through a rough patch last week wanting to be held constantly, crying and crying when trying to fall asleep at night, etc. I figured it out:  she was overtired!! In the transition from newborn who falls asleep and stays asleep through anything to not-newborn baby who needs to be in her crib to sleep, we just weren't napping her enough. Now, she is back to her happy little self.  If she gets enough sleep, she is happy to watch what is going on from her bouncy seat, the Bjorn, and of course--our arms!  She even seems to have overcome her dislike of the carseat over the past couple days. She is still not sleeping through the night and in fact gets up more often than she used to (I can't remember the last time I slept more than three hours straight), but I'm hoping this month will be the turning point for night sleeping (hope springs eternal, eh?)

Abigail rolled over for the first time a few days ago. She likes to be in the Bjorn facing out to see the world. This month she went to the park with Grandma and went on her first metro ride. She seems to like attending the storytime for babies at the library--she loves to watch other babies and children. She can grab the toys that hang from her bouncy chair, and just this week we pulled out the "Oceans of Wonder" playmat which entertained her for quite a while. She is still petite and tiny compared to the other babies who are her age (or younger), but she is growing--and she's strong. 

Abigail is 10 pounds, 15 ounces (5th percentile).  She is 23 inches long (16th percentile).  And alert and strong and passed all of the four month check up test with flying colors.

February 5, 2011

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Here is the follow up on the State of our Household concerning the man of house!

Last week was the annual Transportation Research Board conference in Washington, D.C. Over 10,000 transportation professionals come to town, there is all kinds of transportation shop talk, networking, and new ideas.  Marc was in heaven. 

Marc has really become the nation's leading expert on slugging.  At the conference, one of the panels did a presentation. These men and women were from the big transportation academic universities like Berkley and MIT.  At the end of the presentation they asked Marc (who was in the audience) to stand up for recognition since every single one of them had used Marc's research in his or her work. Marc also was asked to peer review papers for the conference as well as moderate a working group panel. 

A couple weeks ago, a New York Times reporter called to talk to Marc about his ideas on transportation!!!

There is a feature article coming out in the Miller-McCune magazine in which Marc is quoted. (I'll link the story when it come out!!!)

All this, plus being an wonderful support to me as I go to school and stay home with the children during the day without having to hold down paying job. 

We love Marc for oh-so-many reasons.