Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Abigail Updates

Abigail, Joseph, and I are off to Missouri.  We may or may not post for awhile so here's a little Abigail to tide you over.        By the way, we took Abigail in for her 9 month check up yesterday. She needs to gain weight-- still only 14 pounds and one ounce!   Luckily, the doctor said, "I have a hard time getting too worried because just look at her!"  which consoled me a bit when I received the after-visit print-out which listed the diagnosis, "Failure to Thrive". That is a sickening phrase to a mother's ears and heart. We are supposed to try to increase her caloric intake with red meat, whole milk yogurt, butter in her cereal, olive oil in her veggies, etc. And take her back for a weight check next month. The doctor also did some blood work for tests.

She speaks!  It is official, Abigail says "Dada" when talking about her Daddy!
July 13, 2011

July Days

 Happy Birthday, Cousin Missy!

Sheriff Joseph

Don't ask! 

Babies for Peace

 Abigail wearing her "Code Pink: Babies for Peace" onesie.

We love our children's librarian, Ms. Desiree.  She does storytime under the trees during the summer.
July 14, 2011

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


I registered Joseph for school last week. My baby. All day kindergarten. It kind of hit me all at once last week when I was thinking about taking him to the zoo "once the weather cools off a bit." And then I realized that he will be in school when the weather cools off.  We have two months left until we enter a whole new phase.  So I've been in a bit of a sentimental mood. Here's a beautiful song if you're in the mood to be sentimental, too.  I'm not a big fan of music videos, so I suggest you just listen instead of watch the video Remember When by Alan Jackson

My Joseph is wonderful--passionate and determined. Emotional and tenderhearted under his sometimes defiant exterior. He peers over the top of his glasses with skepticism, has been known to retort "Make me" when given an instruction not to his liking, and melts into tears and a hug if I embrace him instead of scold him.  He still loves songs at bedtime, matchbox cars, drawing trucks on every surface imaginable, and praying for "my mom, my dad, and my baby." 

His best friends moved away yesterday. When we went to say good-bye he hugged Anderson so hard it picked him up off the ground--even though Joseph is a foot shorter.  I teared up just watching him. He hugged Tee a little too hard and she cried.--which was fitting of their relationship. And Ruby called him upstairs to show him something and couldn't understand that this was goodbye. This morning when he looked out our bedroom window and saw their moving truck drive away, he ran into Marc's arms and sobbed and sobbed. Our little boy is growing up.

Today at the park, he found a megaphone and started directing everyone, "Okay guys"--and they all listen; he must have had six little boys who followed him. Later he came over and informed me "Mom, we're going to get into nature" as they were going to venture away from the playground a bit.  He asked me to play clubhouse with him this afternoon. I could be  "Team Fruit Loops" with Abigail as my servant. He was going to be "Team Vehicle" with Mr. Bear as his servant.  He made signs for our teams.

Joseph loves to invite our neighbor Bob to dinner. He walks over and invites him and then listens to his stories like a grown-up while we eat.  Joseph is at a wonderful stage between little kid and big kid--a mix of both, I guess. And it seems I never quite know which one to expect.

This afternoon he went out to turn on the hose to water something, I suppose (I didn't know he was going to do this until he came back in soaked--it didn't work as he planned).  It was a hot day so I said, "Well, did it feel pretty good to get wet anyway?"  He responded, "Surprisingly, no."  I love when he says things like that. Just a little man in a 5-year-old body!
This boy challenges, pushes, and exasperates me! He has turned my world upside down since he first made his debut and plunged me headfirst into motherhood. I can hardly remember life without Joseph.  I love this boy. He is my child, my friend, my treasure.
July 5, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend

The holiday weekend was full of fun family events: a concert at the Folklife Festival with Marc's family including John, Gwen and Lucy who were in town; a day at Pohick Bay with sailing for Marc and Pirates Cove water park for Abigail and Joseph, then church and family dinner, a going away party for our neighbors, a sleepover for Joseph at Grandma and Grandpa's (and Aunt Rachel who had the kicking boy next to her all night), and big family barbeque at David and Fatima's on Independence Day. 
 My babies
 Elizabeth and Sarah with baby Abigail watch the fun
 Aunt Rachel is so fun : she played catch and croquet with Joseph. 
Donna, Lincoln, Sarah, Elizabeth, and Gwen

July 4, 2011

Nine Months

Abigail is nine months old today. She is so much fun and has the most playful, happy personality. She responds to her name and will scoot across the floor to get to me. I love seeing her face light up when she sees me, even peeking around a corner at her.  Lately, when I lay down to nurse her, she will eat for a bit and then roll away from me--and start laughing before making me come get her to finish eating. She is teasing already!  She also started rolling away while I'm changing her diaper--and just laughing and laughing. Oh, how I love her laugh.

Abigail has gone back to terrible sleeping--waking every couple hours--but just over the weekend we enacted some tougher measures. She had some rough nights, but I think we are on the upswing.  She likes to look out at Joseph from her crib. If they both go to bed at the same time, it can take awhile for sleep to come because they have so much fun together. Joseph even confessed to Marc one day last week, "Sometimes I kneel by Abigail's bed and smile and play with her"  when he is supposed to be going to sleep.  Abigail is still our tiny little baby. I finally packed away the last of the 3 month size clothes!  I am constantly meeting babies who are months and months younger than she is who are bigger. But she makes up for it in personality.
She is still scooting, not real crawling, but can get all over the house.  We think she looks like she is swimming when she scoots. She sits on her own, but sometimes still tips over if she is reaching for a toy, and she can't quite make the transition from sitting to laying down/crawling.

She still chews on everything, though has moved from whole hand in mouth, to just thumb--every once ina while.  She has started  eating the little baby food puffs; she can pick one up, but can't quite get it to her mouth.

We went swimming over the weekend and once she got used to the cold water, she loved it--laughing and squealing and kicking, kicking, kicking. And of course, making friends with everyone in the water.

I still get comments from almost everyone we meet about how happy and interactive she is. I want the whole world to meet her because I think everybody is better off after having been loved by Abigail.

She is the absolute joy of my life. 

July 5, 2011

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Happy Un-Birthday Grandpa!

Grandpa Lincoln's birthday is the day after Christmas.  This year we celebrated his half-birthday--exactly six months from his birthday--June 26. Lincoln's children planned a fun party and invited family and close friends from Lincoln's work and church.

Grandpa with Joseph and Abigail

Joseph with Aunt Elizabeth, Aunt Rachel, and Cousin Missy

 Joseph helps Grandpa blow out the candles while Marc holds the cake that Elizabeth baked.

Church friends Wally and Sharon, Bill, and Dick
 Work friends Jim, Bob, and Ann
 Lincoln with former RPC colleagues Bill and Jim
 Donna with Kathy and Anne
 Family out on the porch: David, Lila and her new caregiver
 Lila and Missy
Sarah, Christy and Rachel
June 26, 2011


Abigail loves to crawl under our the train table. She seems to think she is very clever. 

 It makes a great clubhouse.

 June 2011


For our bedtime routine, I nurse Abigail and then hold her and sing her a song before putting her in her crib.  Abigail is usually always alert and looking around--very little snuggling or cuddling. However, at bedtime, she puts her head on my shoulder and rests while I sing to her; sometimes she even hums along. It is one of my most treasured times of the day. Marc tried to sneak in to capture a picture of this moment.

But, she wasn't fooled by Marc's sneaking. She knows the camera: she's bright eyed and ready for a couple more pictures!

She also sticks out her tongue alot--kind of funny. I'm glad we accidentally captured it on camera.

June 2011

Blues Festival

After the dragon boat racing, we came home, ate shrimp tacos for dinner (our summertime favorite this year) and then put Abigail to bed. She woke up 30 minutes later and we decided to just get her up and walk down to the Columbia Pike Blues Festival instead of fighting her on the sleep issue. It was a perfect end to a wonderful summer day. 

We ran into our neighbors down at the festival. The kids had a ball together.

June 18, 2011

Dragon Boat Racing

Marc joined the NAVY "Killer Bees" team to compete in dragon boat racing at the Taiwanese Dragon Boat Festival.

The boats can hold twenty rowers, plus a steerer and a drummer. The drummer sets the pace for the rowing.

 We enjoyed watching and cheering from the banks of the Potomac and walking over to Geogetown for burritos during a break between races.

 Joseph made friends with some people who were fishing and catching huge catfish.
 They even let Joseph pull in a catfish once it had been caught.

A great day was had by all.

June 18, 2011

Goodbye Friends

Our neighbors and good friends are moving. Joseph is planning to stow away in their car.  I think he really would prefer to be in their family--four children under the age of 6 with two easy-going parents--it is a party all the time.  However, I am not about to give up my Joseph so I will keep him here with me. As a consolation, we've tried to spend as much time with them as possible these past couple weeks.  I remembered to bring the camera when we visited a spray park this week:

 Abigail and Houston enjoy the sandbox together.
We'll definitely miss these two girls!

 If Abigail has a cell phone, she is happy!

(Now somehow, I didn't get a single shot of Anderson--Joseph's best friend and idol!)

June 30, 2011

He Can Read!

Joseph and I have been working our way through this book for a while now.  We haven't quite done a lesson a day, as suggested by the author.  However, it has been really fun to see reading open up for Joseph.  Even though we haven't finished the book, he can already read basic new reader books from the library--which I suppose is why it is harder to get him to do the lessons with me now. He thinks he knows it all. Actually, he thought that at the beginning of the book, too. In one of our first lessons he was arguing with me about a sound that a letter makes. I shut the book and told him I was not going to teach him if he was going to argue with me. He stopped arguing and begged me to keep teaching him, promising not to argue (a miraculous event in my parenting life with Joseph)!