Wednesday, September 28, 2011


With Joseph in school, Abigail gets all the books and toys to herself--and she likes to pull them all out!
 September has meant big changes around our house--Joseph is at school all day! Abigail and I had a rough first week when Joseph started school. We missed him!  Abigail uncharacteristically cried and cried that week--and I really think it was because she missed him and was bored--I'm not as exciting as Joseph!  She and I are figuring our our groove together, and I think she is adjusting to becoming queen of the castle all day long.
 September also means the end of baseball season. Joseph got to go to a Nationals game with Aunt Rachel (post to follow--I have so many, many things to catch up on---still haven't even finished posting about our Missouri trip)
 Abigail and Joseph in their Cardinals baseball outfits. Grandma Charlotte sent this adorable outfit for Abigail in Joseph's back-to-school package.  I should have taken a picture of her little bum--it has blue and red ruffles!
 September also means new harvest in the garden.  This monster butternut squash was delicous.

September has been full of development for Abigail.  She has attached to Little Lamb.  I tried to keep it in her bed after nap one day and she started crying until she could carry it down with her. I was reminded of Joseph taking Mr. Bear everywhere--around the house, in the car, to the store, to the doctor, etc. 

Abigail is "talking" more and more. I feel like she really knows whats going on--though, I've thought Abigail  has been trying to chat since she was a couple months old.

She likes to roll, be tickled, play peek-a-boo, clap, wave, jabber, and DANCE!  She is also learning to blow kisses (right now she puts her hand up to her mouth, but hasn't gotten to the throwing it part).  She seems to have started to understand "about gravity" as Joseph describes it.  She stops at the edge of the bed, doesn't head for the stairs, etc. She is nowhere near standing or walking. In fact, if you try to put her feet on the floor, she bends at the knees.  I have seen her pull up to her feet once.  She is not interested in being rushed. This girl has opinions. Her latest hilarious (if it only lasts a little while) phase is to grunt/growl really loudly if she doesn't get what she wants.

September 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


We try to hold  family home evening, a great tradition that is more or less successful (or existent) depending on the day. This week, we had a kid friendly (read: short) lesson on showing compassion, a collaborative game of Memory in which we had a three-way tie, and a treat of Rita's frozen custard (thank you, Missy!).  Oh, and we also took some videos of the kids:


September 19,2011

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Joseph takes on kindergarten....

 September 6, 2011

11 Months!

Abigail turned 11 months at the Chesapeake Bay on Labor Day. 

Abigail, our little bald blondie, loves to dance. Sometimes if the radio is on while I'm feeding her, I can't get her to stop shimmying long enough to take a bite.  She has the most adorable wave with her fingers pointing backward. She loves to wave goodbye and night-night.  She is doing the official hands-and-knees crawl now.  She likes to point at things (like birds) and at pictures in books.

September 5, 2011