Saturday, March 24, 2012

Backyard Video

Just a little Abigail to brighten your day....

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

17 months

At 17 months, Abigail is pure delight. She is now walking! It amazes me how much older she seems now that she is toddling along. She climbs up stairs, but not down.  She loves to be outside--sometimes we even let her play in the front porch just so she feels like she is outside.  She is as social as ever and now is talking to people. She says "thank you" if you give her something she wants. She waves or blows a kiss to say goodbye.  She puts all kinds of objects (especially matchbox cars) up to her ear and says, "hello," as if it is a phone. Her vocabulary is growing everyday--and I'm always surprised by new words she knows.

 She folds her arms for prayer time and says an enthusiastic, "A-men!" (sometimes half-way through the prayer).  She gives an unbeatable greeting when someone comes home.   She loves to laugh and smile, she loves to dance, she loves to pretend to cook and eat food. One of our favorite tricks (especially Joseph) is to ask her to say Daddy, Mommy, Joseph (all of which she will repeat for him). Then he says "Say Abigail" and she responds "Baby."  Every time.  

Abigail is also giving hugs and kisses. Anytime I ask for a hug, she will give it.For kisses, she still sometimes offers her forehead for me to kiss, but sometimes she will give a kiss with her mouth. I love it! Cannot get enough of this little girl!  So, so cute.

She is just full of life and personality. At the park, another mom asked me if we went to the library baby story time. She told me she remembered Abigail, "Abigail's personality is hard to forget," she told me.

She has spent much of this past month sick with ear infections and other stuff so it has been a rough month in terms of sleeping and eating--neither of which she was particularly great at even when well. But she has been sweet throughout it all. The doctors' office staff even comment  when we walk in, "here comes the baby who is always happy." 

Although I get a little twinge of sadness that she is not a baby anymore, we are actually heading into my favorite stages--when we can communicate better, when I can see her personality emerge more and more (and if she is like her big brother, we will hit the sleep through the night age which Joseph did finally at 18 months!! We can only hope Abigail will follow suit)

We love Abigail!!!

March 5, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

Joseph Turns 6

Joseph's birthday was a multi-day event. Saturday was his "friend party." On his actual birthday, he got to open packages and presents, go to church where he was sung to and doted on, and then have family over for dinner and more cake, singing, and presents.  Then, the day after his birthday, we took cupcakes to his class at school (and they even announced his birthday on the school's morning news and he got to go to the principal's office for a treat).  It is fun to celebrate this little guy and all the joy he brings to our lives.

On his birthday, Joseph woke up at 5:00 am. We thought that was an appropriate way to celebrate six years ago to the day when we quit sleeping. 

Joseph was very excited to open the package from Grandma Charlotte and Grandpa Bill.

Joseph with Grandma Donna and Aunt Rachel

Joseph loved lighting the candles on the cake more than actually blowing them out this year.

I had to take a cell phone (old school-flip phone) picture, but you get the idea. Jospeh had fun sharing strawberry cupckaes with sprinkles with all of his friends. They sang "Happy Birthday" to our little man.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Happy Birthday Joseph

Joseph turned six on Sunday.  For his party this year, he chose three friends to go to the zoo with him. We offered to take four friends, but he chose to have Abigail come instead of another friend (melted my heart, actually). 
The kids buckled in their booster seats and ready to head to the zoo. Abigail is only represented in the picture by her little shoes peeking out.

First stop: Reptile House!

There was a Reptile House activity room open that we've never been to before. So we stopped in and had a private lesson on a tree frog from Australia.  We also got to touch snake skins that had shed as well as a snake hide. (Even Miss A. made it into this picture).

At the invertebrate house (one of Joseph's favorites) they found out it was his birthday and invited us back to the work area where they let the kids hold starfish. Oh, and when they asked Joseph if it was his birthday, he answered as if he were confessing, "Well, it is actually tomorrow."  Sweet, honest little boy.

And sea urchin (which you could feel moving ever so slightly even though it really looks like a pile of sticks!)

We stopped by to see the lions and tigers.

And then home for pizza and cake. 

We sang "Happy Birthday" and ate cake and ice cream. Joseph helped make the "funfetti" cake from start to finish. He chose to color our homemade buttercream frosting blue and cover the cake with sprinkles.

It was a great party--not too chaotic, the kids had fun, the adults had fun. We asked the kids not to bring gifts and just come enjoy celebrating Joseph. It worked out well. Marc even said he would do it again.  That is saying a lot since he was trying to convince me to give Joseph money instead of a birthday party this year.

March 3, 2012

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Dedicated to my brothers

Joseph likes to primp-- a little mousse, a little gel, his hair just so.  Last Wednesday, after Joseph got dressed, he looked at himself in my full length mirror and said, "I look good."

I wondered aloud where he got this from, Marc looked at me like I was crazy for asking such an obvious question and said, "Your brothers." And it's true. So here's a shout-out to my handsome, primping, heart-breaking brothers.

Some of the Moore and Moore-connected men in 2008, San Diego. ( How do I not have a picture of all of my brotheres?)

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Grandma Time

Grandma and Abigail playing the piano, with Joseph right close by (holding a match box car). Abigail is wearing the darling dress Grandma gave her for Christmas. 

February 26, 2012

Saturday, March 03, 2012

IMAX Outing

Probably the hardest thing for me about the transition to two children is that I really miss the one-on-one time with Joseph. My mom said she did not experience that as a challenge because her children were always so young when the next one was born and they hadn't gotten past the constant daily needs phase.  But because Joseph was 4 1/2 when Abigail was born, we had really become quite good friends and enjoyed hanging out together--going to museums, parks, pools-- and reading together for hours a day. When Abigail arrived, things changed. And though we love and adore Abigail, I do sometimes just miss my Joseph time.

In the IMAX theater before the show starts.

So one Saturday, Marc kept Abigail while Joseph and I went to the Natural History Museum and watched  the IMAX film, "Coral Reef."  It was just what I needed.  Joseph got to ask questions to his hearts content and I could focus 100% on my little man.

February 18, 2012

Friday, March 02, 2012

King and Queen

On the 100th day of school, Joseph  made a crown that said "Joseph is 100 days smarter" with the numbers counting by tens. He also made a cereal necklace with100 fruit loops. Grandma Donna picked up King Joseph from school, and Abigail got sick in the car on the way back to her house.  I had not left a change of clothes so Grandma created this adorable little Queen outfit for Abigail, complete with pillowcase cape. The kids came home so happy from Grandma's house. 

February 15, 2012

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Dive in

Last night Abigail decided she wanted a second bath so she climbed right in with Joseph--after she was already dressed in her jammies!

February 29, 2012