Sunday, April 15, 2012

Field Trip

Joseph's kindergarten went to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.  I got to go as a parent helper. Joseph's favorite part? Getting to ride on a school bus! He and his friends had so much fun on the ride over.  I'm glad I got to watch.

At the museum, we saw all kinds of exhibits (well, it mostly felt like we ran through the exhibits--apparently other kids don't ask a lot of questions like I'm used to on museum trips with Joseph.)  The boys in my group also participated in the paper airplane contest.

Afterward, the picnic turned into an "indoor picnic" in their classroom because it was cold and damp, but Joseph didn't mind at all. He has such fun at school with all the other children. My happy boy.

Waiting to go into the museum

On the bus...

March 30, 2012


Joseph is on the Angels t-ball team. He loves it! They have been practicing twice a week for the past month, and yesterday was their first game.  Everyday Joseph wants to play catch in the backyard. When he woke up yesterday morning, he put on his uniform and started practicing batting in my full length mirror.  He looks so cute and grown-up; it makes me a little teary, actually.

He played really well--they had him in the pitcher position which meant he caught most of the hits (because the kids didn't hit very far) and threw the ball to the first baseman.  He also got some good hits every time up at bat.  His coach is fantastic and makes the experience really positive for everyone.  Especially for us less than athletically inclined folks.

I'll put some more pictures up as the season goes on. Our camera broke, and now we can't find our back-up camera (one of the many reasons I have been slacking on this blog), but Marc bought a new camera yesterday so we should be back in business.  This picture is courtesy of Aunt Rachel's cell phone. 

April 14, 2012

Nationals Game

Aunt Rachel took Joseph to the baseball game yesterday. Joseph was excited to see the Nationals win (4-1 over the Cincinnati Reds).  He also really enjoyed playing Angry Birds on the phone of Rachel's friend, Mark. 

Isn't he cute--and getting so big??

Joseph had a wonderful time and came home a happy boy. Thank you Aunt Rachel!

April 14, 2012