Monday, April 06, 2015

Nationals Home Opener

We went over to Aunt Rachel's to watch the Nationals kick off the 2015 season. We ate hotdogs and cheered on the team. We loved seeing Bryce Harper's first home run of the season, even though they lost the game.

Anna is the littlest fan! She has learned to sit (for 30 seconds) and clap her hands like she does at Joseph's games and practices.?

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Joseph turns 9

Thinking about my baby turning 9 was a bit overwhelming. This birthday marks my half-way point with this guy! In 9 more years he'll be 18 and making life decisions. We've had a great 9 years with him, and I'm going to enjoy every minute of these next 9 too!

Grandma Charlotte was here for Joseph's birthday breakfast party!! The girls woke Joseph up by climbing into bed with him and singing "Happy Birthday" while wearing birthday party hats and pajamas. He came down to a decorated dining room, waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, and the first round of birthday gifts.  It was the perfect way to start off the big day!


Then off to school (and preschool) and more celebrating. I took popsicles in to Joseph's 3rd grade classroom. Everyone sat in a circle on the floor and sang to him and ate popsicles that turned their mouths and teeth bright blue, green, and red. It was fun to see Joseph in his classroom with his friends.

Birthday night we had Joseph's dinner of request--homemade lasagna and caeser salad. Then, a white birthday cake with orange frosting (and sprinkles).  Aunt Elizabeth, Aunt Rachel, and Grandma Donna all joined us for the dinner party. We started with the cake and candles and singing so Anna could join in before she went to bed while the rest of us ate dinner (and then did a second round of singing and candles). It is really fun to watch Anna smile and sing her heart out to Joseph for his birthday. Really melts my heart, actually. I love that the kids can be happy for each other. Abigail, too, was telling everyone (preschool friends, ballet teacher) that it was her big brother's birthday.

We had another round of presents and cake and some sweet moments telling Joseph all the things we loved about him (and a beautiful, treasure of an Aunt Elizabeth-love letter to Joseph).

I didn't know that a nine-year-old boy could be so great. I really love him.

At nine, he loves baseball, reading, roller blading, teasing his sisters, and chatting about interesting topics. He wants to be a professional baseball player with the Nationals, and then a list of other professions once he's "old and retired" from baseball!