Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Abigail turns 6

We just adore our Abigail. She is smart and fun and has the most energy of any person I've ever met.  She's thriving in Montessori kindergarten. At parent-teacher conference, her teacher said she thinks she's self-actualized (Maslow's hierarchy of needs for you non-psychology folks). I wouldn't go that far, but she sure is a delight. She loves to read --the Magic Treehouse chapter books are her current favorite. She loves puzzles and math and spacial brain teasers. She has started her first season of soccer and is going to take a "hip hop" dance class in after-school enrichment.  

The celebrations for Abigail's birthday started early in the morning--while still dark outside.  Presents and birthday waffles!

We took mini cupcakes that I had decorated with a pink "6" on each one to share with her class. I love the way Miss O'Donnell celebrates birthdays--you bring pictures from each year of you life and light a candle and then the kids sing to you and give "affirmations," meaning they share something positive.  I loved getting to go through old pictures. Abigail has always been sooooo cute!

The biggest birthday surprise was Aunt Elizabeth visiting from North Carolina. What a treat!

Grandma Donna, Grandpa Lincoln, Aunt Rachel, Aunt Elizabeth, Uncle John, Aunt Gwen, Cousins Lucy & Calvin all joined our family to celebrate our 6-year-old girl.

On Friday after her birthday, Abigail had a huge friend party! We invited neighbors--young and old to the party. All of her friends (and their families) from the bus stop were there. We had a bonfire in the back yard and roasted hot dogs and s'mores. We had a pinata hanging from the second story much fun! In this picture with her cake, she's all sweaty from running around with all the kids!