Saturday, March 04, 2017

Joseph Turns 11

Joseph turned 11-years-old! He's a great kid--super responsible, smart, funny, handsome, thoughtful and sensitive, and just a really enjoyable person! We love you Joseph, and are so glad you're ours!
We had planned a ski weekend for his birthday, but it has been such a mild winter that they couldn't even keep the fake snow up at Masannutten ski resort.  We ended up cancelling our trip the week of his birthday. Instead, we took advantage of the great weather--Joseph took popsicles to his 5th grade class. We had a birthday party where the kids jumped on the trampoline, played football and hockey, looked at the bunnies, and ate their weight in pizza, brownie trifle, and soda pop! 

Joseph got all kinds of great gifts this year including a Dick's Sporting goods gift certificateafor all kinds of baseball season treats,  a drone that will take videos, and a PARAKEET! Joseph has been asking for a pet his whole life. The past few years he has been researching birds. He was over the moon when we told him we were getting the parakeet this year!  Jake, the parakeet, has been a welcome addition to the family.