Saturday, April 22, 2017

Abigail and Mom Go to NYC!

Abigail and I rode the early morning bus from DC to NYC! What  fun adventure! Abigail loved the big building (especially the Empire State Building, which reminded her of a favorite movie, "Elf").  She decided she is definitely a fan of NY pizza! We even had time to play at a playground (where I had a celebrity sighting--Lucy Lui apparently takes her child there on Saturday mornings too!!!)
Last, but not least, we met up with my dear friend, Rob and Megan Thompson Ingoldby who were visitng from England! Rob had run the Boston Marathon the week before. They stayed in the states to do some sightseeing, and I jumped at the chance to meet up with them in NYC! And what a delight to introduce my Abigail to my dear friends as well as an awesome city!

Friday, April 14, 2017

More Spring Break!

We also dyed Easter eggs, visited Gravelly Point park to watch the airplanes take off (and fish in the Potomac), played at the park, got slurpees, and just enjoyed being together!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spring Break 2017

On Thursday, we played tourist. We took an uber down to the Washington Monument, looked at the views, and walked down to the WWII Memorial (where we talked about what happened during World War II AND saw a taping of the TV show, Madam Secretary--a bit of Hollywood mixed in with our history lesson). We then walked along the reflecting pool--stopping to see the ducks-- down to the Lincoln Memorial. We had a picnic and watched the throngs of tourists--fascinating people watching, really. We walked over to the MLK memorial and then along the tidal basin, where the kids loved finding the fish swimming so quickly along the edges. We chatted with a park ranger who explained they are herring, which come here each year in the spring to spawn.  We also visited the Jefferson monument (and learned it was his birthday), and then capped off our day with a ride in the paddle boats on the tidal basin.  We took a taxi home--where I needed a nap! It was a wonderful outing, the first with three big kids. We didn't have a stroller and everyone is willing and able to use public restrooms (still with terror of auto flush, but we're getting there).  

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Baseball season is here! Aunt Rachel took Joseph, Abigail and I to see the Nationals play the St. Louis Cardinals. I have such fond memories of following Cardinals as a girl. I remember listening on my radio on summer nights as I lay in bed.  I confess I was surprised at myself this week---there was no question that I'm now a Nationals fan!  I'm a Washington girl now, I guess!  And I'm definitely raising some little Nats fans! Abigail enjoyed her first game--the cotton candy, the cheering, the new Nats shirt, and scoring the game in the book!!

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Primary Montessori Night

I got to visit the girls' classroom and have them show me how they do their work. They each gave me a lesson. It was a drop-in event, but we were there early and didn't leave until Miss O'Donnell locked the door and turned off the lights.  These girls are serious about school!

Abigail showing me her multiplication "9s"

Anna showing me her counting sticks. Her favorite thing to show me was a "Words Their Way" sorting activity. 

Saturday, April 01, 2017


Joseph has played on the same little league team--same coach and many of the same players for four years. We love the team, we love Coach Buono, we've had wonderful times with the families of the other teammates.  Last season, they won the championship for their division (AAA) and even though they were moving up to Majors this season, we were told that they'd be splitting up the team since they won last year.

So when Joseph went to the STEP evaluation (aka tryouts) for Little League baseball in March, we guessed he might not be back with his beloved Coach Buono. A week or two later we received an email from the Commissioner of the Little League saying that the coaches in the division higher (50/70) had noticed Joseph and would like to have him on their team and asked if we would consider this (because we had signed him up for Majors with the kids in his age group).  We said if he couldn't be with Coach Buono, then we were fine with him moving to 50/70. I didn't realize what I was saying "yes" to. We've been in practices (3 a week) for a few weeks now. Joseph is at least 2 years younger than all the other players. And, most of them have played together on Arlington Travel Baseball.  The coach is also no longer a player's dad. He's a gruff older man who has been coaching for years. He yells and makes the kids do push-ups if they make a mistake. One night we went at the wrong time to the batting cage (because the coach had sent us an email with typo) and he yelled at Joseph and Joseph was crying on (on the way home--not in front of the coach). Marc and I were ready to pull Joseph out right away.  But Joseph wanted to keep trying.

Today was the first game of the season. Joseph was pretty nervous. I talked to him about being the rookie and learning from the more experienced players on the team. I was a nervous WRECK (on the inside; on the outside I was typical mom giving a lecture about good sportsmanship or whatever!!) As the other team went out to the field I couldn't believe how huge they were!  I was actually afraid for the pitcher to pitch to our team. I heard his teammates calling him "BFG" for "Big Friendly Giant" so I guess I wasn't wrong in thinking this kid was huge. And that didn't help my nervse!

In this division, the kids don't automatically get to play and Joseph sat out the first couple innings. But then they put him in.... and he rocked it! He hit a DOUBLE at his only at-bat. He then stole 3rd base! He played one inning in the outfield and did well. He also played two innings at 3rd base where he got two outs--very good throwing to first base!  I was so proud of him. And relieved. He worked hard, he stayed focused, and he got to play--and have some great successes.

Now, I'm going to need to chill out or I will have an ulcer by the end of this season!  I do confess, I love watching my boy play.

How did he grow up so fast?

Anna Ate!

Anna's first time to join the clean plate club. 
Anna has been a really picky eater.  She has a few things she eats: pankcakes, waffles, german pancakes (all with syrup), grapes, applesauce, cereal and milk, apple slices (peeled) and peanut butter, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti and meatballs (but not meat sauce), ramen, mandarin oranges that are canned in their own juice, peanut butter sandwich, pizza, hot dog, chicken nuggets (McDonalds only),  cheese tortilla--if done in the oven or pan--no microwave tortillas for her,  tortellini, craisins, and anything sweet (cookie, cake, icecream, etc.). She doesn't like cheese, beans, rice, hummus, vegetables, soups of any kind, eggs, hamburgers or anything made with hamburger meat...

At her last doctor visit, the doctor asked her to make a chart and try a new food every day (3 bites counts as trying). This hasn't gone over so well--there's been tears, vomiting the bites back up, etc.  Ah, parenthood. But.... there have also been some successes... she has added tuna melts, sour cream, and croutons to her list.  This week was our biggest victory yet....I made a quinoa, spinach, sausage and cheese meal and she ate a small serving (several bites) and 4 cooked carrots. I was ready to throw a party!