Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spring Break 2017

On Thursday, we played tourist. We took an uber down to the Washington Monument, looked at the views, and walked down to the WWII Memorial (where we talked about what happened during World War II AND saw a taping of the TV show, Madam Secretary--a bit of Hollywood mixed in with our history lesson). We then walked along the reflecting pool--stopping to see the ducks-- down to the Lincoln Memorial. We had a picnic and watched the throngs of tourists--fascinating people watching, really. We walked over to the MLK memorial and then along the tidal basin, where the kids loved finding the fish swimming so quickly along the edges. We chatted with a park ranger who explained they are herring, which come here each year in the spring to spawn.  We also visited the Jefferson monument (and learned it was his birthday), and then capped off our day with a ride in the paddle boats on the tidal basin.  We took a taxi home--where I needed a nap! It was a wonderful outing, the first with three big kids. We didn't have a stroller and everyone is willing and able to use public restrooms (still with terror of auto flush, but we're getting there).  

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