Friday, June 23, 2017

Abigail and Anna in Ms. O'Donnell's Class

The last week of school was filled with fun activities--the "Peace Walk," family picnic, Reptiles Alive, etc. I had so much fun spending time with the girls in their class. It has been really fun this year to have Abigail and Anna in the same class--they have loved it and grown close in shared experiences.  Next year Anna will stay in Primary Montessori while Abigail moves on to Lower Elementary Montessori.  There are 3 years of kids in a Montessori classroom (Abigail was in the last year, Anna in the first).

Abigail will deeply miss her beloved Ms. O'Donnell. And Ms. O'Donnell has expressed to me how sad she is to lose Abigail.  Abigail really thrived there--I've never in my life seen a report card as glowing as Abigail's.  My favorite, "Abigail is inherently kind."  Yes, she is. I love her heart.

Ms. O'Donnell said she will be able to carry on, though, because she has our sweet Anna with her again next year. I even got talked into being the Room Parent next year--so I guess I've got lots of fun times ahead!

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Charlotte said...

Great job, Anna and Abigail! Loved looking at all your pictures! What a huge snake!