Saturday, June 24, 2017

Abigail Loses Her First TOOTH!

Abigail lost her first tooth! What a momentous occasion! Her top left front tooth has been wiggly for a while, but it finally came out!  We were at my office at Catholic University setting up a new desk on Saturday afternoon; Abigail and Anna were playing throughout the empty offices when we heard shrieks of delight!  Abigail immediately wanted to talk more about Mommy, the tooth fairy!  She really wanted "Kanoodle Genius" from the tooth fairy, but I could only find in on Amazon which meant next day delivery (and obviously the toothfairy had to deliver THAT NIGHT).  We ordered Kanoodle Genius for the next tooth, but for this first tooth, she got a satin fish purse/little bag, that I had purchased for her in Vietnam.  

Abigail was super excited--for days after, we found selfies (see below) on my phone of her showing off her new tooth gap.  She also greeted everyone--strangers and friends alike--by announcing that she had lost her first tooth. Being 6 is awesome!


Liz "The Best" O. said...

Those selfies! ON POINT! She is such a delight but I would like her to stop growing up so quickly!

Charlotte said...

How exciting, Abigail! I love the selfies!!