Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Joseph Finishes Elementary School

Joseph had his 5th grade graduation ceremony! We love him so much. The girls were just bursting with pride for their big brother. It was fun celebrating with his teacher, Mrs. Lopatawietz, and friends like Caleb, Yedi, and Shane.  After the ceremony, Joseph chose the Bamboo Buffet for a celebration dinner. He was delighted to find that Anthony and Shane and their families were also there!  Joseph recorded himself eating a baby octopus at the restaurant. He is quite the dramatic these days--even has his own Youtube channel, J.O Vids


Liz "The Best" O. said...

So proud of the person you are Joseph! You will be great in middle school!

Charlotte said...

Joseph, congratulations! Great job! It was fun seeing some pictures of your friends and your teacher too. You will do great in middle school.