Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Summer Reading

I have wonderful memories of summer reading programs through the public library. To me, there is nothing better than the icy cold air conditioning at the library and a book bursting with potential. 

So, of course, during our first week of summer break, we signed up for our local library's program. I snapped this cute picture of the kids who just plopped right down and started reading.  Be still my heart!  Then, I interrupted them and took one with them looking at me because their faces really are cute too!

I guess someone else thought they were the picture of childhood reading perfection, because the social media coordinator for the library came over and took some pictures and posted them on Arlington County Library's Facebook page.  

We came home and read through all the books. Joseph complained that the books I suggest (usually Newberry Medal winners) are always sad.  I enjoyed reading aloud picture books to the girls (Anna's current favorite are the Bitty Baby stories).  We're also reading a few chapter books aloud together--we've finished  Bird Boy and Chang and the Bamboo Flute.  Even Joseph joins in if I'm reading aloud--I love having all 3 of my babies cuddled up while we read. We have now started on E.B. White's Trumpet of the Swan.

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Charlotte said...

What great pictures! They really capture the love of reading your kids have! I still get a thrill when I go to the library and the summer reading has started. I love it too even though I don't have any children in the program anymore. However, Hannah said that the Provo library has an adult summer reading program, and she is doing that. I love lifelong reading!